5 creative fried chicken recipes from TikTok

If you love fried chicken but are looking for some new and exciting ways to prepare it, here are 5 creative fried chicken recipes you should try. 1. Ramen fried chicken. The filmer makes the batter using salt, pepper, garlic, egg, potato starch, and ramen. They pour several ramen flavoring packets into the batter and also use crushed ramen noodles. 2. Vegetarian fried “chicken”. the filmer combines flour and water to create seitan. The filmer coats the seitan in spices, then dips it in eggs and flour, and fries it until it’s crispy and golden brown. 3. Blackberry Buffalo fried chicken. This fried chicken truly has it all. It’s sweet, salty, spicy, and double fried for extra crispiness. 4. Sticky garlic fried chicken bites. These sticky garlic chicken bites are the perfect bite-size snack. 5. Fried chicken bao buns. Soft and chewy bao buns and crispy fried chicken are a match made in heaven