'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Sneak Peek: Vincent Rodriguez III Gets Us Ready for a 'California Christmastime'

Dave Nemetz

Nothing says Christmas like triple-digit temperatures, a sunburned Santa, and eggnog frozen yogurt, right?

In this exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, we’re given the gift of “California Christmastime,” with the whole cast singing a musical tribute to the unique way the Golden State celebrates the holidays. (Sample lyric: “You can take your snow and shove it/This is our Christmas, and we love it!”)

Vincent Rodriguez III, who plays Rebecca’s crush Josh Chan on the show, tells Yahoo TV that he can relate to the song, since he’s a California native himself. “I was born in Daly City, which is kind of like the West Covina of San Francisco,” he says. “When I listened to the song and saw the lyrics, it nailed it for me. I just thought of every California mall that I’ve seen decked out with no snow. That was my Christmas.”


But it’s not all festive greetings and “ho-ho-ho"s this week, Rodriguez warns; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s holiday-themed episode has a touch of the Christmas blues as well. "There is a sense of loneliness that exists during the holidays, and I think we definitely touch on it,” he says. “Christmastime can be melancholy, no matter how sunny it is.”

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A lot of that melancholy, at least on Rebecca’s part, comes in the form of her domineering, disapproving mother, played by The Walking Dead’s Tovah Feldshuh, who visits her daughter in West Covina this week. And Rodriguez promises she arrives in style: “Holy crap, she’s a tornado. She tornadoes through the house. Literally, her first line in the episode is singing! It’s the funniest thing. It’s so spot-on for that kind of mother.”

Plus, the episode gives Rodriguez a chance to demonstrate his prodigious dance skills. “When Josh was in high school, he was part of a dance team,” he hints. “And he runs into a member of the dance team today, and Josh shows off some of his skills to these kids.” But Josh quickly learns he’s not a kid anymore — and neither is Rodriguez: “It was painful for me. The dance you’re going to see Josh do, it’s one minute of choreography, and I died… we all died after that minute. I immediately got a massage as soon as we wrapped. I had pizza, and I got a massage.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.