31 Times Kids Drove Their Parents Bonkers This Summer That'll Make You Relieved The School Year's About To Start

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1. This parent is definitely happy the days of sidewalk chalk are coming to an end:

2. This parent will be happy their dog will be left alone during the day:

3.This parent has got to be thanking their lucky stars they won't have to bring their kid on mid-week errands:

a kid lying on the floor and plunging his face with a toilet plunger
u/fayroseahmed / Reddit / Via reddit.com

4. This parent is definitely relieved their little prankster's heading back to school:

a watch with Rick Astley singing on it
u/Greenman-of-England / Via reddit.com

5.Ditto for this parent, whose kid's prank got a little too hardcore:

kid putting nails in the carpet
u/domiinikk4 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

6.These parents will finally get some alone time without their kid busting in:

a kid's drawing with a story that they saw their dad's boxers and their mom's bra and the parents said go away
u/Environmental_Mud793 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

7.This parent will only have to worry about sleepovers — and demon summoning — on weekends now:

to-do list written by a kid
u/impostervt / Via reddit.com

8.And this parent won't have to worry about foreign objects in the coffee she sips during meetings:

a toy car in someone's coffee
u/ImTooHigh95 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

9.This parent will be able to enjoy their morning donut without their kid licking off the frosting:

partially eaten donut
u/formula_F300 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

10.This parent can once again send emails that actually make sense:

11.And this parent will hopefully avoid, er...explicit work emails:

12.This parent will be relieved to have their office to themselves during the day:

messy office with stuff all over the ground
u/dcooper8662 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

13. This parent is likely relieved that all their summery plants will no longer end up in the toilet:

14. This parent will finally get some ice cream to themselves:

15.I'm sure this parent is relieved to be able to keep their floors spill-free (at least during school hours):

kid dumping water on floor because he says it tastes better drinking it from there
u/Krallorddark / Reddit / Via reddit.com

16.The parent of this kid is probably psyched to be able to avoid air travel for a bit:

crayon on the back of a plane seat
u/ryanwilson747 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

17.And the parents of this kid are definitely happy to avoid road trips for a bit:

kid with three Barbie dreamhouses
u/NinkovichPlease / Reddit / Via reddit.com

18.This parent is likely also relieved to not have any trips for a while:

19.Along with this parent:

20. This parent will finally be able to nap without having to worry about financial ruin.

21.This kid will have far less opportunities to leave week-old meals in their play kitchen:

an old dirty bowl in a play kitchen
u/SirLongrodVHugendong / Reddit / Via reddit.com

22. This parent will have a short reprieve of their kids conspiring against them:

23.And coming up with dastardly plans:

kid's drawing of a plan of getting their iPad out when the parents are sleeping
u/picnicandpangolin / Reddit / Via reddit.com

24. This parent will finally have a toilet that isn't sentient:

25.This kid can now deface the dolls at school, and not at home:

baby doll with a butt drawn on it
u/haychap / Reddit / Via reddit.com

26. These kids' parents can avoid sibling fights during the day (unless, god forbid, their kids are in the same class):

27. This parent will be able to grill without worrying about dog poop getting on their food:

28. This parent may no longer have "help" to wash their car, but that might be for the best:

29. This kid will have a whole lot less time on their hands to do stuff like this:

30. And this:

31. And finally, this parent will be spared epic burns like this one once their kid is forced to put away their bracelet-making kit for the year: