25 Messages That Went Viral This Month

January is just about over, so of course, a bunch of messages, comments, DMs, and more have gone viral. Here are some of the best.

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1.This text sent with the special effect feature:

2.This question:

3.This memeable exchange:

4.This comeback:

5.This dad's overwhelmed group chat text:

6.This bizarre request:

7.This Hinge response:

8.This interaction:

9.This suspicious girlfriend:

10.This random message, LIKE????

11.This friend's text:

12.This anonymous tip:

13.This resurfaced classic:

14.This hotel sign's message:

15.This over-the-top text:

16.This bizarre interaction:

17.This evaluation:

18.And this emoji fail:

19.This to-the-point message:

"Sure when can you suck my dick"
@contactabrother / Via Twitter: @contactabrother

20.This out-of-the-loop recipient:

21.This bad timing text:

"Just wanted to let you know that I got into a really bad skiing accident today and am in the hospital...."
@animalologist / Via Twitter: @animalologist

22.This inquiry:

23.This back-and-forth:

24.This drag:

25.And lastly, this shorthand:

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