19 Signs From The Past Week That Are Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Funnier Than You'll Ever Be

We had to take a brief break from rounding up the funniest signs on the internet, but we're back! Please enjoy the funniest signs of the week, courtesy of r/funnysigns:

1."Are you efforting enough?"

List titled "Things That Don't Require Effort" with items, overwritten with "All of This Requires EFFORT"

2."Boys and Girls trash?"

Two gender-specific trash bins with symbols indicating recycling for Seoul University

3."How did I miss the last nine world wars?"

"World War 11"

4."Everybody knows the 'I before E' rule…right?"

Sign with text "I before E except when your foreign neighbor Keith receives eight counterfeit beige sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters. Weird."

5."Always speak the truth."

Handwritten sign in front of a house stating it's for sale by owner due to an unpleasant neighbor

6."Why does this sound right and wrong at the same time?"

Sign reads "ALL LOBSTER PRICES HAVE INCREASED DUE TO HIGH LOBSTER PRICES," with a person in the background

7."Vote with your foot."

Electronic roadside sign with text asking drivers who dislike speeding tickets to raise their right foot


Handwritten sign reading "Going to Jail Sale" placed on grass near a sidewalk and vehicle

9."Leah has a bright future."

List of children's career aspirations on a wall, including various professions like firefighter, artist, and dentist

10."I would do the same."

A collapsed house with "Got the spider!" spray-painted on the side


Handmade sign on a wall with the words "NO PARKING" split unevenly between two pieces of metal

12."What a detailed guide."

Sign illustrating puppy growth stages: 0-4 months - small puppy, 4-24 months - velociraptor, 2+ years - adult dog. Text advises planning for development

13."Deadpan humor"

Sign reads "IN CASE OF BROKEN GLASS" with a dustpan and brush inside a red box

14."You've been warned!"

Rear of a bus with a graphic of Gandalf and text "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" blocking a road

15."Poor Pete. 😔"

Humorous sign stating "This is a velociraptor-free workplace" with "6 days since the last incident" and a "We miss you Pete" note

16."That’s good to know."

A caution sign on a ski slope reads "TREES DON'T MOVE" with a skier and snowboarder in the background

17."Don't we all?"

Warning sign on machinery humorously reading "DANGER - THIS MACHINE HATES IDIOTS," with pictograms illustrating harm

18."Pointless sign."

Sign on door reads "PUSH TO OPEN. If that does not work PULL. If both do not work, try the ACTUAL ENTRANCE around the corner."

19."But look at that face."

Handwritten signs on glass doors say 'TOILET BUT! CATS PAST HERE!' and 'THEY CAN NOT GET OUT!! KEEP CLOSED' with a cat sitting inside

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