This $15 USD Product Is the Key to Billie Eilish’s Healthy Nails

·1 min read

Billie Eilish, known for her trendy nail art and designs, recently shared her manicure secret with Vogue, giving us the deets on the budget-friendly product that keeps her nails healthy.

In the video, Eilish mentioned that her go-to nail artist Tammy Taylor introduced her to Thymolize, an affordable and accessible product that she is the saving grace for her fingertips. Formulated and produced by Taylor, Thymolize is a highly effective solution that's ideal for anti-fungal preventative care when wearing artificial nails such as acrylics and other enhancements.

"This really saved me one time. One of my acrylics got bonked, when a nail gets bonked, it rips a little and there's nothing worse than that feeling," Elish shares in the video. "If you take this stuff, and your drop a tiny bit in there, it heals you up and I would use this stuff if my nails were feeling weak if I've had gels taken off." The artist tends to use the solution after filing and buffing her nails.

We all could use more education on nail care, so kudos to Elish for giving us the knowledge. For more nail care and beauty tips, see the full video of Billie Eilish's Beauty Secrets with Vogue below.