People Are Sharing The 15 Signs That Might Mean A Couple Is Faking Their "Happy" Relationship

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Last week, u/crestedgeckolover67 had an important question to ask the Reddit population, "What are signs a couple is faking a happy relationship?" Here are the most useful answers.

1.When couples lose their individuality.

A couple in matching outfits

"When everything is 'couples'. Matching outfits, always going out together even if it's supposed to be just gals/ just guys, couples retreats, his and hers bedding/towels/so on exclusively refers to themselves as a couple, etc. A few 'couples' things can be just a kitsch kind of thing but EVERYTHING? That's a cry for help.

A happy, healthy relationship needs times where you not only want to be apart but are completely separate from each other, including from the part of you that is the X in XandY so-n-so." —u/haelesor

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2.Being extremely judgemental.

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"When they judge you for not being in one or mention the importance of an 'intact family' and 'happy marriage' in every second sentence that comes out of their mouth. If you are truly happy with something you don't judge other people for doing things differently." —u/schwarzmalerin

3.When a couple can't stop bragging about their life.


"Overly concerned about superficial things." —u/Jamiepappasatlanta

4.Overcompensating on social media.

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"When all their social media posts are super affectionate and loving, but when you’re with them in person all they do is argue and insult each other." —u/mmmmmaddi

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5.Being jealous of one's partner's friends.

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"Jealousy when they spend time with the opposite gender. Especially when it comes to each other's friends. I trust my partner implicitly around my friends, around his and just about every other woman on the planet. I think if you can't trust them to be around the other gender and not do the wrong thing you're relationship is on shaky ground at best." —u/upsidedowntoker

6.When a couple is disconnected at social gatherings.

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"I can’t sit next to her and participate without being frustrated inside." —u/PootangElbow

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7.Always acting happy and perky no matter what.


"They seem happy and perky instead of content and calm. Simple questions like 'How's it going on' will receive elaborate answers trying to convince instead of simple answers." —u/ChaiAndSandwich

8.Relationships that started on a rocky foundation.

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"If I know that the relationship started on a rocky foundation but they act like it was okay because they are 'sooo in love.'

For example, a guy leaves his girlfriend of 10 years for my friend immediately when he met her. Hmm... He seems like the type of guy who runs away instead of communicating his issues. Not a great start. They looked perfect and shiny on social media but due to the. Start of the relationship they were always fighting and broke up a few months later." —u/TransitionAshamed657

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9.Being too blame-y and acting like there are mysterious forces at play in the relationship.


"Posts and comments to the tune of 'everyone tries to tear us apart, but we'll always stay together' or 'it's us against the world.' No one gives a shit if you stay together or not." —u/dead_PROcrastinator

10.Sounding like "an old married couple."

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"If they 'sound like an old married couple' when talking together. Me and my ex-husband got that comment a lot, and on the surface, it seems like a sweet thing, but it was just a lot of underlying pettiness and snarky comments because in reality at home we were always fighting. an old married couple does not equate to a happy couple. I rather get comments like 'oh, you're gonna get tired of each other eventually' and 'this is just the honeymoon phase' and then not actually ever get tired of each other." —u/lilanxietychan

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11.Being passive aggressive towards each other.

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12.Corny photo shoots.

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13.When someone in the couple is guilty of romanticizing red flags.


"When they try to romanticize red flags: yesterday I saw a TikTok of a girl calling her boyfriend 'cute' for destroying all of her shorts because he didn't want her to wear them. Terrifying." —u/imp0ssibbile

14.When a couple has a joint Facebook account.

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15.And finally, when they end up asking relationships on Reddit.

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"They ask relationship questions on Reddit." —u/moonshotengineer

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