The 10 Best Skincare Fridges of 2023

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Store your serums, moisturizers, and jade rollers in one of these compact fridges to elevate your entire self-care ritual.

<p>InStyle / Jaclyn Mastropasqua</p>

InStyle / Jaclyn Mastropasqua

We love skincare no matter the temperature, but sometimes an extra-cool serum or chilled spritz of a mist is just that much more luxurious and relaxing. Enter the skincare fridge: A mini refrigerator you can keep your favorite beauty products in for an extra boost of cool (or sometimes heat).

Not only does the chill add a refreshing element to your skincare routine, but it can also keep your products fresher for longer. For example, according to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Carmen Castilla, keeping vitamin C serums with ascorbic acid in a cold environment can prevent them from oxidizing as quickly. There’s also ample depuffing opportunities (try throwing your gua sha stone in the fridge before use).

And while a regular fridge will work too, there’s something undeniably chic about a fridge dedicated exclusively to your beauty products. That’s why we rounded up the 10 best skincare fridges on the market. From options with impressive storage to mini fridges with unique features (like smart modes and heat settings) you can find a skincare fridge that fits your skincare collection and your space, below.

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Cooluli 15L Mini Fridge

Best Overall

What We Love: This 15-liter fridge has ample storage with two adjustable and removable shelves and two in-door container baskets.

What We Don’t Love: On average, the fridge stops working after around two years of use.

Cooluli’s mini fridge checks all our boxes — ample storage, cooling and heating abilities, multiple color options, two different sizes, quiet functions, and minimal condensation. While the 10-liter option is also great, we’re partial to the 15-liter one. With two adjustable and removable shelves and two in-door container baskets, it’s customizable to any beauty collection and makes keeping things organized a breeze.

And we’re not the only fans: The fridge has almost eight thousand reviews on Amazon, with nearly six thousand giving it a five-star rating. Beauty influencers love the fridge too. “I love my Cooluli fridge!” beauty content creator Sarah Palmyra shares, “I customized it with stickers and it works very well.”

The only potential problem with Cooluli’s mini fridge is its lifespan. A few reviewers note cooling problems after around two years of use, which is honestly pretty par for the course when it comes to mini fridges.

Price at time of publish: $100 

Colors: Black, gold, blue, fuschia, white | Dimensions: 10.5” x 13” x 14.75” | Storage Specs: Two adjustable removable shelves, two in-door container baskets

PERSONAL CHILLER Portable Mini Fridge

Best Budget

What We Love: The fridge is tiny, making it perfect for cramped apartments.

What We Don’t Love: The temperature doesn’t get super cold.

When looking for a skincare fridge, size is important. You want something that fits enough products without taking up precious real estate. With a four-liter capacity, this Personal Chiller mini fridge strikes the perfect balance. It has both cooling and warming capabilities, and the lightweight material and handle on top make it easily portable. In terms of storage, there’s a single removable shelf, which is fairly standard when it comes to skincare fridges (especially those on the more affordable end of the spectrum).

The fridge works by heating or cooling from the ambient temperature, and, according to the brand, can chill up to 32 degrees fahrenheit below the temperature of any given room. That being said, the fridge’s cooling and warming capacities are fine at best, and it takes around four to six hours to reach peak coldness. We find that the fridge is best for keeping products slightly cool or slightly warm — not actively hot or cold.

Price at time of publish: $35

Colors: Pink | Dimensions: 5.3” x 5.5” x 7.9” | Storage Specs: Removable shelf

Homcom Portable Skincare Fridge

Best Splurge

What We Love: The design is ridiculously sleek, and there’s plenty of room for product storage.

What We Don’t Love: The shelves aren’t the sturdiest.

I apologize if I’m speaking out of turn, but this is potentially the sexiest mini fridge I’ve ever seen. There’s something about those sleek rounded edges and the tiny digital display screen that looks undeniably luxe. Beyond the design, The HOMCOM skincare fridge also has three modes — intelligent constant temperature, night mute, and energy saving — and comes with a slew of features like a built-in timer and LED lighting.

In terms of storage space, the 12-liter capacity should be more than enough — with three shelves, five door racks with silicon holders (perfect for lip products), and one drawer, you can easily fit in multiple full-sized products alongside chilled skincare tools like jade rollers and gua sha stones.

The one gripe we have is the flimsy plastic material of the three interior shelves. They’re not removable and can’t handle a ton of weight, so you definitely have to be strategic about where you place your heavier products.

Price at time of publish: $183

Colors: White, Green | Dimensions: 10.75” x 10.75” x 17.5” | Storage Specs: three shelves, five door racks, 15 silicon holders, and one drawer

Frigidaire Portable Retro Mini 9-Can Fridge

Best Mini

What We Love: We’re fans of the color range and the nostalgic design.

What We Don’t Love: Reviewers note some leaking and condensation problems.

For those who want a compact design, the Frigidaire mini fridge is a retro-inspired dream. It’s one of the cuter skincare fridges we’ve come across with its 60s-inspired design and hardware, and the removable shelf allows for a bit of customization when it comes to storage. The fridge also comes in multiple colors — blue, black, pink, and red — which allows for further personalization.

Despite fitting about six liters, the fridge is compact and light, weighing in at just three pounds. It also comes with a car adapter, making it great for travel. We will note that it does produce notable hissing noise and some slight leaking problems, but the fridge is fully functional and does what it claims to.

Price at time of publish: $45

Colors: Black, blue, pink, red | Dimensions: 7.08” x 11.81” x 10.4” | Storage Specs: Removable shelf

BS ONE Skincare Fridge

Best Storage

What We Love: The storage on this fridge is elite, with a removable drawer, shelves, and containers for multiple organizing options.

What We Don’t Love: The 12-liter design may be too big for small spaces.

Have a pretty extensive skincare collection and want to keep everything chilled and organized? Look no further than this sleek, spacious skincare fridge. Designers conducted in-depth research on bottle types and sizes of more than 200 popular skincare products to carefully design the internal layout and accommodations, and it really does show.

The drawer area is ideal for storing sheet masks (it fits between 20 and 25 individual masks), while the upper partitioned areas fit around three to four bottles of cream, three to four essence bottles, and two bottles of lotion. The side shelving fits 14 lipstick tubes, though the partition plate can be removed for storing hand cream and other tubular products.

With steady temperatures between 50 degrees and 64 degrees fahrenheit, the mini fridge keeps products cool but decidedly not cold. And with all that storage space, the mini fridge is, well, not so mini. Weighing in at 22 pounds and with a 12-liter storage capacity, the fridge certainly isn’t for those low on space. That being said, it’s an obvious downside to any fridge you’ll find with superior storage space.

Price at time of publish: $170

Colors: Pink | Dimensions: 18.9” x 19.69” x 33.46” | Storage Specs: 12-liter interior with removable drawer, removable partition plates, three shelves, two tubular shelves

Qubi Mini Skincare and Cosmetics Makeup Fridge

Best for Organization

What We Love: The rounded design and vegan leather handle are ultra chic, plus the in-door shelf maximizes storage space.

What We Don’t: There are only two temperature options, 50 degrees and 65 degrees fahrenheit.

We’re huge fans of QUBI’s sleek skincare fridge. From the rounded corners to the chic vegan leather handle, it’s the type of skincare fridge you can proudly leave on display. With an included removable riser-type shelf and in-door sheet mask storage, the fridge allows for customized organization and countless configurations.

In fact, one reviewer was able to fit five face serums, two moisturizers, an oil, a lip product, and multiple sheet masks in her fridge. Plus, the smart air cooling system helps get rid of any water and condensation that might occur in the fridge, which can be a major problem with mini fridges. The door is magnetically sealed, so it easily closes and actually stays closed.

The fridge only offers two temperature settings — 50 degrees and 65 degrees fahrenheit — which isn’t ideal, but it still manages to keep products chilled. While there are mixed reviews when it comes to the sound of the fridge, it does feature an ultra-quiet mode for those who find it bothersome.

Price at time of publish: $170

Colors: Cream white | Dimensions: 14.7” x 14” x 10” | Storage Specs: Removable shelf/riser, in-door sheet mask storage

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FaceTory Portable Beauty Fridge

Best with a Heat Mode

What We Love: The removable shelf has several different height options, allowing for customization based on product size.

What We Don’t Love: The inside can get leaky and pools of condensation need to be wiped down from time to time.

FACETORY’s skincare fridge won us over with its spacious design and thoughtful features, like the dry-erase board for notes and keeping track of products, the cooling and warming functions, and the adjustable shelving. With both cooling and warming features, the fridge is seriously multifunctional — it’s as good for cooling water-based toners and face mists (which Palmyra says feel ultra refreshing after a workout) as it is for warming up a jade roller.

Our biggest gripe is the condensation that pools in the fridge every so often. Sure, all it takes is a simple wipe down to clear it out, but we’d skip the step altogether if it were up to us. We also wish the sheet mask storage area came with an additional strip on top like the QUBI fridge does to prevent masks from flopping over and falling out of the shelf.

Price at time of publish: $80

Colors: Coral, mint | Dimensions: 9.65” x 11.42” x 13.39” | Storage Specs: Removable shelf, in-door storage

Lvara Smart Mini Skincare Fridge

Best Tech

What We Love: The Smart Life app allows users to set the temperature anywhere from 42 degrees to 82 degrees fahrenheit.

What We Don’t Love: The small shelf on top is virtually useless, as it’s incredibly small and the fridge has issues closing when product is stored on it.

Meet the LVARA Smart Mini Skincare Fridge — the smartest mini fridge you’ll ever find. Simply download the Smart Life app to your phone to control the temperature from anywhere between 42 degrees to 82 degrees fahrenheit. You can also set reminders for expiration dates, so you’ll make the most of your beauty collection. Best of all, you don’t need to use the app — the fridge has three modes (standard, intelligent, and night) for automatic operations and set rest times. Plus, it also features air cooling, non-freezing, frost-free, and dust-proof technologies for easy maintenance and impressive cooling capabilities.

Our one gripe with the otherwise perfect fridge is the ineffective tiny top shelf. Anything taller than a mascara tube lying down on the shelf will make the fridge impossible to close, and the horizontal storage makes for cramped storage capabilities.

Price at time of publish: $200

Colors: White, dark green, pink | Dimensions: 15.2” x 7.6” x 8.9”. | Storage Specs: Shelf, in-door storage

Vanity Planet Fria Skincare Fridge

Best with Window

What We Love: The window and removable shelving makes storing — and keeping track of — products a breeze.

What We Don’t Love: The fridge gets pretty loud.

When you have as many beauty products as we do, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Sometimes out of sight really does mean out of mind. Luckily, that isn’t a problem with Vanity Planet’s Fria Fridge, which features a clear window display so you can see exactly what’s stored where. The fridge comes with two removable shelves for customizable storage and spacing, and is deep enough to fit two rows of products. While the windowed door means there’s no in-door storage, the two shelves really do make up for the lost real estate.

This skincare fridge also features the lowest temperature settings we’ve come across — between 35 degrees and 40 degrees fahrenheit — so products will remain seriously chilled. The fridge can get loud after consistent use, though, but the problem should fix itself if left unplugged for around 24 hours — which is a bit of a pain.

Price at time of publish: $99

Colors: White, rose gold | Dimensions: 14.1” x 8.9” x 1.3” | Storage Specs: two removable shelves

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Cooseon Mini Portable Beauty Fridge

Best with Mirror

What We Love: The mirrored door features an adjustable LED light, making the fridge truly multifunctional.

What We Don’t: The mini removable shelf is ridiculously tiny and offers limited additional storage.

If you plan on taking your skincare fridge on the go, consider one with an LED mirror like this one from Cooseon. It’s seriously multifunctional — it cools and heats beauty products, works in homes and cars, and features the light-up mirror. The four-liter fridge weighs in just under eight pounds and features a convenient carry handle for portable use. It also offers an impressive temperature range of 35.6 degrees to 140 degrees fahrenheit. Plus, the mirrored door has an adjustable LED light, making on-the-go makeup and skincare application incredibly easy.

Unfortunately, the removable shelf included is absurdly small — you can store maybe one jar on it, which makes it pretty lackluster in our book. We’d much prefer a traditional removable shelf that spans the width of the fridge instead.

Price at time of publish: $70

Colors: White | Dimensions: 6.89” x 10.24” x 8.66” | Storage Specs: Mini removable shelf, in-door storage

What to Keep in Mind


Skincare fridges can take up quite a bit of room — even the smaller ones. You’ll want to keep your space in mind when purchasing a skincare fridge. It will need to be plugged in and at least two inches away from the wall to allow the fan and vent in the back to work properly. Something like the HOMCOM Portable Skincare Fridge will store a ton of products but take up nearly a foot in length and width. If you have minimal space, opt for an even smaller skincare fridge, like the PERSONAL CHILLER Portable Mini Fridge, which can easily fit on a desk.

For those who simply can’t give up precious real estate for a skincare fridge but still want those cooling benefits, Palmyra shares some great advice: “Honestly, skincare fridges are so cute but if you don't mind storing your skincare in your regular fridge that will also do the trick!”


In addition to size concerns, storage capabilities are important to consider. How many products do you have? How many do you want to keep in your fridge? Palmyra says she likes storing vitamin C serums, sheet masks, face mists, eye serums, and water-based toners in her fridge — that requires ample storage space.

The QUBI Professional Skincare Mini Fridge features a removable riser shelf and deep in-door storage that allows for endless configurations depending on the products you’re storing. The BS ONE Skincare Fridge is another great option for those in need of more storage — we’re big fans of the spacious drawer. On the other hand, the COOSEON Mini Skincare Fridge has subpar storage options at best, but the mirrored door makes it great for on-the-go use.

Temperature Settings

Most standard mini fridges keep products cool — not cold. If temperature matters to you, look for fridges with customizable cooling and heating settings, like the LVARA Smart Mini Skincare Fridge. Others, like the QUBI Professional Skincare Mini Fridge, only offer two temperature settings, which makes it a great option for those who want to test out how chilling their products feel.

Your Questions, Answered

Is a skincare fridge necessary?

A skincare fridge is totally not a must-have. “My two cents: A skincare fridge is not necessary, but I'm a big believer in self-care so if a dedicated skincare fridge would make you happy, I say go for it,” says Palmyra.

Dr. Castilla agrees: “I don't think a specific skincare fridge is absolutely necessary. Your regular refrigerator would work just as well. The skincare fridge does add a level of convenience since you can store the products where you usually apply them.”

Ultimately, a skincare fridge is a fun addition to a skincare routine, but it’s by no means necessary. If you want to keep products cool but don’t want to spend money on a skincare fridge, storing a few serums in your regular fridge works just as well.

What products should you keep in the fridge?

“Products that can lose their potency with heat such as vitamin C, hydroquinone, or preservative-free products may last longer if stored in a fridge,” Dr. Castilla shares. We like storing products like vitamin C serums (especially those with ascorbic acid), sheet masks, under-eye masks, face mists, eye serums, and water-based toners and moisturizers. You can also keep facial tools like gua sha stones and jade rollers in a skincare fridge, just be careful that the chill doesn’t end up cracking the stones.

What shouldn’t be put in a skincare fridge?

Avoid storing any oil-based products in the fridge — things like cleansing oils and balms, as well as certain serums, moisturizers, and oils. Keeping these types of products in a skincare fridge can mess with their stability and change their consistency. Dr. Castilla also suggests keeping clay masks at room temperature as they have the potential to dry out faster if refrigerated.

How cold do skincare fridges get?

Specific temperatures vary from fridge to fridge but most keep products cool (rather than actively cold) around 50 degrees fahrenheit. For customizable temperature options, we recommend the LVARA Smart Mini Skincare Fridge.

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