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Why You Shouldn't Sleep Off a Hangover


By Megan Gustashaw.

That moment when you first open your eyes after a big night out should not be immediately followed you hitting the snooze button and sleeping until the last possible minute. Being the guy who rushes into the office wearing sunglasses, holding an egg and cheese sandwich, and looking like a rumpled mess only gives yourself up to your colleagues (not to mention ensures you like crap for the rest of the day).

Here's what we suggest instead: put your phone/alarm on the other side of the room, drag yourself out of bed, and stay there. Then, take a second to take stock of your throbbing head and figure out just how much debauchery you were involved in last night. Now get to work fixing yourself. It’s painful at first but it actually works. After you chug a liter of water or a vitamin-replenishing drink, put something in your stomach (greasy breakfast sandwiches still apply), and taken inventory of your wallet, watch, keys, and cell phone, get into the bathroom and start the process of de-monster-ing yourself. You’re going to need a good 30 minutes in there (on top of your normal time) so hop to it.

This story originally appeared on GQ.com.

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This story originally appeared on GQ.

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