Letter From the Editor

Bobbi Brown
Editor in Chief
Yahoo Beauty
Letter From the Editor

Beauty is about so much more than makeup. It’s about confidence and being comfortable in your skin. It’s a holistic approach that combines what you put inside your body with how you take care of the outside. Looking and feeling great go hand in hand. Beauty is an attitude as well as an accumulation of knowledge and a constant evolution. My perspective comes from being an insider in both the beauty and fashion world, combined with juggling a career, three boys, an amazing husband, family, friends, and a few dogs. I’ve learned what matters and what works, regardless of what the trends are.

I couldn’t be more excited to share, learn, and explore every aspect of beauty with all of you on Yahoo.  At Yahoo Beauty, you’ll find a mix of concrete information with inspirational images and stories. As a searcher of answers and solutions to everyday problems, I am excited to be able to call on the smartest experts in beauty, wellness, and fitness to share their advice with you. We will also feature some of the people who inspire me most. Their beauty stories will explore everything from how they stay feeling and looking great to how they’ve overcome challenges in their own lives. We’ve found some of the coolest, bravest, most radiant people to inspire you.

I’m here to share my take on beauty and make it easy, informative, and empowering for you. Yahoo Beauty is for real women and men (we’ve got you covered too, guys). I can’t wait to learn from you too! Follow us @YahooBeauty and share your questions and experiences. It’s going to be amazing. 

Photo: Henry Leutwyler