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Toothbrush Subscriptions Are Here to Save You from Yourself


By Adam Hurly.

That decrepit toothbrush on your sink ledge is begging to be retired. But it’s hard to part ways; you’ve spent an entire year together, plus you put all that work into smashing each of its bristles parallel to the brush handle.

Even though you know the tool is past its prime, it doesn’t require replacing, like an empty tube of toothpaste; the old toothbrush is a relic, and you’ll keep using it until another one is magically gifted you by your dentist, or by your girlfriend (who at this point is sending you some serious signals).

But also, maybe you just wanna be lazy. We all wanna be lazy. And that’s why toothbrush subscriptions (!!) are the best thing since individually wrapped slices of cheese. Toothbrushes magically appear at healthy 3-month intervals. (That's frequently enough for good hygiene, infrequently enough that you know you're not being conned. )

Here are five toothbrush subscriptions to consider for your upgrade. We’d tell you to choose wisely, but each one of them is an easy win.

This story originally appeared on GQ.com.

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This story originally appeared on GQ.

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