This Really Works: Nail Strengtheners

Britt Aboutaleb
Managing Editor

Photo: Trunk Archive/ Ilan Rubin

A recent study conducted by found that 62% of beauty lovers cite nail strength as their biggest nail concern. Considering the nail polish boom of the past couple of years, it’s not surprising. A manicure, once reserved for special occasions, is now as common an accessory as a bag or shoes. Whether you go with classic red paint or intricate gel art, 50% of polish wearers say they only occasionally go polish-free for only a minute in between manicures. Given all that painting, buffing, and removing, it’s no wonder nearly 30% suffer from brittle nails. 

So next time you save up enough cash to splurge on Chanel’s newest shade, reach for a nail strengthener instead.  Butter London’s Horse Power ($19) won’t just make your nails grow long, but also super strong.  RGB’s Liquid Buff ($20) is full of nourishing ingredients, and Sally Hansen’s Miracle Nail Thickener ($8) uses calcium to fortify and smooth the nail. Regardless of which bottle you choose, swipe on one coat of each every day for seven days and you’ll both see—and feel—the difference.