This Really Works: Konjac Sponge

Joanna Douglas
Senior Editor
August 29, 2014

Photo: Sephora

I’m wary of gimmicks. So a sponge made from the root of a tree growing on a volcanic Korean island that promised to change my skin—well, I wasn’t jumping at the chance to take it to my face. But hey, it’s my job. So I did, and I’m sold. Turns out the root of the Konjac tree has actually been a beauty staple in Asia for 1,500 years. It’s supposed to absorb any dirt, products, or impurities while exfoliating the skin.

I tried Boscia’s Konjac Cleansing Sponge ($15), which also has super hydrating red clay. It feels like a dish sponge, lightweight and stiff until you get it wet. After soaking it in warm water it felt squishy, like a makeup sponge, but almost gelatinous. I added my favorite gentle face wash, Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser ($8.99), swirling the round sponge around my face, under my chin, and even in the delicate eye area. Honestly, it was fun to use—and gentle.

As soon as I pat my skin dry, I could feel the difference. All traces of my makeup and even my often hard-to-remove water-resistant sunscreen were gone—and that little konjac wonder resurfaced my skin. After a week, the results were visibly noticeable, at least to me, with blemishes fading and my complexion more luminous. I think the act of massaging your face with something like a sponge is a great idea in terms of stimulating blood flow and skin renewal, but I’d never found anything gentle enough for regular use before this. After using it every night for a month, I’m hooked and the sponge seems on point to last the suggested two to three months.