There Is No Such Thing As a Dumb Blonde

Yahoo BeautyJuly 8, 2014

Photo: Getty Images

By Allison P Davis, The Cut

What’s the difference between a blonde and a brunette? Recent research from Stanford University shows that despite the many adjectives associated with being blonde, what separates the towheaded from the rest has nothing to do with the stereotype.

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According to a paper published this month in Nature Genetics, the blonde trait occurs when one letter among the 3 billion building blocks that make up the human genome sequence is expressed as an “A” instead of a “G” — a mutation, they found, that is not associated with any other traits.

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So if you’re blonde and having more fun, it has absolutely nothing to do with science. “This is a great biological example of how traits can be controlled, and what a superficial difference blond hair color really is,” explains lead researcher David Kinglsey to National Geographic. A great example of how traits can be controlled — and an even better retort for dumb blonde jokes.

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