Teen Accidentally Buys $733 Worth of Sephora Goods On Her Mom's Credit Card, Freaks Out

Kristine Solomon
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One-click checkout can make online purchases just sooo easy! (Photo: Getty)
One-click checkout can make online purchases just sooo easy! (Photo: Getty)

Every online shopper can relate to that overflowing checkout “basket” on our favorite e-commerce site. You see something you like, and you stash it in the basket. It’s kind of like pinning items to a Pinterest board — except your payment information is already on file. And if that site uses a one-step check-out process, you can instantaneously buy everything in the basket with the click of a button, whether impulsively or accidentally.

Right now, no one knows that better than Alex Dello, a 15-year-old self-proclaimed “makeup fiend” from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And her mother, Marcia DelloStritto.

That’s because the teen accidentally charged $733 worth of makeup to her mother’s credit card while shopping on Sephora’s website on Tuesday, then made a splash on social media and became a trending topic this week by posting a confessional video to Twitter hilariously chronicling the stages of her post-purchase freak-out. And we thank her for it.

In the video, an animated Dello admits she thought she was using an old Sephora gift card at checkout, without realizing the balance on the card was zero. So when she clicked “purchase,” she instantly charged the contents of her entire basket to a card her mother has designated for use exclusively on Sephora.com, “meaning that it’s all set up and I don’t need to enter anymore information for the order to go through,” Dello says in the clip.

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When Dello realized her expensive mistake, she tried to undo it, but found that she couldn’t. That’s when her half-joking, half-serious meltdown ensued.

First comes the shock. “I just accidentally charged my mother’s credit $733,” she flatly tells the camera, zooming in on a grin that’s a combination of “oops” and “sorry not sorry.” Then comes the justification. She’s not the only one; all makeup hoarders have giant virtual check-out baskets of cosmetics that they “don’t necessarily need” but just want, she explains. These beauty-loving girls (and let’s not forget the guys) are all over the world!

Next, Dello deals. She comes clean about the mishap to her mom, who’s still at work at a school bus driving company, according to Buzzfeed. “So now we wait,” she says, nervously and adorably anticipating “Mama Dello’s” reaction. “Either for my death or a really good makeup haul,” she quips. The pixie-haired, perfect-browed teen must somehow know her mother will take it all in stride, because she then she starts hamming it up for the camera, describing her plea to Sephora’s customer service rep to please refund the purchase.

“I was like, ‘Listen. This is Marcia’s account. This is damn near fraud. Homegirl, you gotta cancel this order!’,” she says, cracking herself (and us) up. That’s when it gets personal. Dello is on a first-name basis with the customer service rep, it seems. “If my girl Theresa doesn’t pull through and cancel this order, there’s not only gonna be a credit-card fraud case; there’s gonna be a homicide case,” she says, “Marcia’s gonna get me.” And with that, the internet was dead.

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“I’M SCREAMING,” one person wrote. “I need to go into the forest and scream for about a good two hours this is hilarious,” another said. “I’ve watched this so many times and it still makes me laugh so hard,” — and on and on. But Dello wasn’t done. She starts making fun of herself at the end of the video. “Girl, whatchu want from Sephora? I got Marcia’s card!” she starts singing, then snaps back to reality. “No, Theresa, girl, you better get this. You better cancel this s***,” she jokes. No word on whether Theresa got the S.O.S. though.

But one person did — Dello’s mom, the famous “Marcia” DelloStritto, holder of the “the card.” And the fallout wasn’t all that bad. In fact, the outcome was the best possible scenario. DelloStritto told Buzzfeed that she “panicked, and at first [the teen] did not include the total.” But this mom knows her daughter well. “Knowing her and her love of makeup, I knew it had to have been a lot for her to be texting me,” DelloStritto added. Mom ultimately decided to let the gregarious girl keep her haul as an early Christmas present.

One commenter was stunned, writing, “Wait you’re getting $700 worth of make up from Sephora for Christmas? Goals honestly.” Another was beyond impressed, saying, “Girl if I accidentally bought $733 worth of anything my mom would NOT be like lol here you go, bless up for Marsh,” giving an endearing shout out to Mom — and to “mom goals.”

So it’s safe to say that even though Dello was a little mischievous, she won’t be getting coal in her stocking this year. If anything, she’s be getting Kohl — though there’s no word on which brands and products Dello actually bought. We need to see this Christmas list, stat.

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