People Are Saying This Fluffy Caterpillar Looks Like Donald Trump’s Hair

Kristine Solomon
Style and Beauty Writer
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A Peruvian caterpillar is a dead ringer for Donald's Trump's trademark 'do. (Photo: Getty)
A Peruvian caterpillar is a dead ringer for Donald’s Trump’s trademark ‘do. (Photo: Getty Images)

Much about President-elect Donald Trump has been up for debate lately, but one of his traits has long been a question mark for many people: his hair. Is it real? How exactly does he style it?

A wildlife photographer has added another layer to the mystery by sharing a picture of a Peruvian caterpillar that seems to have stolen the president-elect’s style. In the photo, the insect sports what looks like a flowing yellow mane, eerily similar to the blond one Trump has become infamous for — side part and all.

Jeff Cremer, the photographer, was on assignment in the Amazon jungle when he captured the coiffed creature after someone gave him a heads-up. “I was putting on my boots and someone said: ‘Hey, check out this caterpillar hanging out,'” Cremer told the Express. “Sure enough, it was Donald Trump’s hair hanging on a branch.”


Though locals have nicknamed the critter “ovejillo,” meaning “little sheep” in Spanish, Cremer has chosen to dub the bug “Trumpapillar” because its resemblance’s to the billionaire’s hairdo is too uncanny. (Though a scan on social media shows that the creature was discovered much earlier and linked to the mogul.)

Earlier this month, Trump’s former Apprentice hairdresser told the Mirror that the then reality star’s hair was very real — and that it’s “really long” and “he combs it back straight,” then applies so much hairspray that his bouffant is “solid and matted.”

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The president-elect’s hair may be harmless, but the same can’t be said for the caterpillar’s crown. It’s made up of hairs that “have little hooks on them that can irritate the skin and may cause serious itching,” according to the Express. “Those spines have hypodermic needles in them that can inject venom, and it’s extremely painful,” Cremer told the publication about the strands that protect the insect against predators. Yikes!

In September, social media was abuzz over another thing that resembled Trump’s tresses: a pair of furry Gucci shoes. On Gucci’s website, the footwear is described as “horsebit-detailed goat hair slippers.” The shoes retail for the princely sum of $1,800.

Plenty of memes have circulated the Internet, pointing out other inanimate objects that resemble Trump’s strange locks. One convincingly compares his coif to an ear of corn, whereas another pointed to an unusual cotton-candy-like doughnut.

Regarding the dangerous caterpillar, Cremer has a word of warning: “The next time you see something that looks like Donald Trump’s hair, don’t touch it.” Duly noted.

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