A New Nail Polish Can Help Save Lives and It's Coming Soon

Emily Rekstis

Hopefully you've never had to question the safety of a drink you have at a bar, but for women in many different situations, the possibility that their drink might be spiked with a drug is a true concern. Now there’s a new nail polish that can help keep women safer by alerting them of the presence of certain drugs that might be in their drinks.

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Thanks to Undercover Colors, you can now detect if your drink’s been spiked with Rohypnol (the common rape date drug), Xanax or ecstasy. Simply stick the painted finger in the drink and swirl it around. And if there’s any drugs in it, the polish will change colors.

The company was created by four engineering students at North Carolina State University. Their goal was to provide wearable protection that gives power to others. After all, according to the Center for Disease Control, one in five women report experiencing rape at some time in her life.

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Although news of this polish first came out in 2014, there’s renewed interest now because the brand has suggested on Facebook that major developments are coming in the 2017. According to multiple news sources, investors have put in over $5.5 million to help fund the research and development of this polish over the past two years.

Of course the problem in of itself is the rape culture, but this small invention is one giant step in the direction of prevention.