Making Magazine Makeup Work in Real Life

Bobbi Brown
Editor in Chief

Photo: Trunk Archive/Sarah Silver

Just this week my staff at Yahoo Beauty fell in love with the makeup in a fashion spread from a top magazine. The model had highlighted wavy brown hair, pale shimmery lips and super bronzy eyes and cheeks. Everyone wanted to recreate the look, and was ready to run out and buy the lipstick listed.  But of course, the way that lip color looks on a 19 year old model, in a photo that has amazing lighting, and one that has definitely been retouched, is very different than how that color will look in real life.  

When you find a beauty look you love, print out the image and bring it to your favorite makeup counter and tell them what you love about it. A good makeup artist can customize it for you based on your skin tone, hair color, and eye color.  They will be able to adjust a look to real life lighting and whatever amazing age you are. It will be perfect for you—no retouching required.