Stay Healthy On Vacation

Sara Bliss
Senior Writer
Yahoo Beauty

Photo: Henry Leutwyler

Traveling abroad where delicious foods like bread, wine, cheese, and chocolate are in abundance it’s easy to be tempted to gorge on all of it. But there are ways to sample them without killing your typically nutritious diet. Certified health coach Linda Arrandt recently navigated France’s many indulgent offerings on vacation and came back with wisdom to share. Here are Arrandt’s tips for how to stay healthy on vacation, even when that vacation is in the epicenter of gastronomy.

EAT HEALTHY ON THE PLANE: Sodium rich foods, caffeine, and booze on your flight can be a recipe for feeling sluggish and sick when you arrive. Instead, grab any healthy options you can find at the airport to eat while traveling at 30,000 feet. Salads with protein, smoothies, fresh fruit, and unsalted nuts are great options. Hydrate as much as possible on your flight with water or seltzer mixed with juice.  

ENJOY UNHEALTHY FOODS: Trying to stick to a strict diet on vacation takes the fun out of the experience. “Give yourself some space to enjoy local foods,” explains Arrandt. “It’s important to give yourself a little bit of a break.” That being said, going from uber-healthy to the other extreme is going to result in feeling awful. Try and balance nutrient-dense foods like salad and veggies with decadent ones. 

HYDRATE!: Dehydration can cause digestive issues and fatigue—neither of which is desirable on an action-packed trip. As it is, flying dehydrates you automatically, and a change in time zone will also throw off your sleep patterns. Try and counter it all by drinking as much water as possible starting on your flight out.

HELP YOUR STOMACH OUT:  Sometimes trying new foods when you’re traveling can wreak havoc on your stomach. Arrandt travels armed with Tumeric and Apex Energetics HCL Pro-Zyme tablets, which she takes before every meal. “The Pro-zyme helps the digestive process along,” Arrandt explains. “Tumeric is an anti-inflammatory and fights bloating and gas.”

DRINK WISER: “Wine has a lot of sugar and can make you feel puffy, so I would limit wine to a glass a day,” states Arrandt. “Tequila or vodka are lower in sugar content.” Just remember to imbibe in moderation.

GET MOVING: When traveling to a city like Paris, you get a more authentic experience on foot—and the bonus of burning calories. Wherever you vacation, make sure to keep things moving, especially if you want to eat lots of food you don’t normally consume. For Linda that balance paid off when she got back from France. “I didn’t gain weight, not because I didn’t enjoy myself, but because I walked everywhere.”