Justin Timberlake Is Not Proud of His Terrible Haircuts

Tom Butler
Tom Butler
Yahoo Beauty

As the star of the new animated movie “Trolls,” based on the cult toy craze of the 1970s (and 1990), Justin Timberlake is well acquainted with wild hair, but he admits he’s had some pretty horrific hairstyles himself in the past.

Yahoo Movies asked the singer-turned-actor what his worst hairstyle ever was, and he responded: “Are you really asking me that right now? Listen … it’s all documented bro, it’s all documented.”

But what hairstyle could he referring to? Hmm…

The blond fro, the supernoodles, the braids. (Credit: Getty/Rex/Twitter)
The blond fro, the supernoodles, the braids. (Credit: Getty/Rex/Twitter)

“I could give you a handful that are equally, comparably s***,” JT added.

His co-star Anna Kendrick says her biggest hair faux pas was a product of her own making, admitting to Yahoo she once foolishly cut her own bangs at the worst possible moment.

“I cut my own bangs right before school pictures when I was like in third grade,” Anna told us.

“I thought I looked awesome, but I looked slightly psychotic. I looked like a feral child who’s been raised by wolves. But in a fashion way.”

We’d pay good money to see that school photo.

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