Get Beyonce's Drunk in Love Hair

Joanna Douglas
Senior Editor
July 16, 2014

Photo: Columbia

When Beyonce surprised the world with a video album at midnight last December, we fell as hard for the spectrum of beauty looks as we did the music (and the dancing!). She’s bringing them back to life this summer, while on tour with husband Jay-Z. And the wavy, wet locks she flings from side to side during Drunk in Love—whether on stage or in the video—remain our favorite. Stylist Dre Donoghue, of the White Rose Collective, says it’s best for short to medium length hair that’s straight or has a loose wave. (If you have longer hair, try following these instructions and pinning hair up into a loose low bun.)

Video: Tara Sgroi

Step 1: Use a spray bottle to wet your hair from roots to ends. If you’re just out of the shower, let it dry naturally and start the below steps when it’s about 60 percent dry.

Step 2: Apply Bumble and bumble BB Gel ($26) to your whole head, working in sections from roots to the ends and starting at the nape of your neck, moving up the head to ensure that every piece is well coated.

Step 3: Create two-inch sections of hair across the front of your head, pulling each back toward the crown and securing with a small clip to create texture and lift. Let it dry. 

Step 4: Release the clips and work a finger nail-sized amount of Bumble and bumble Semisumo ($28) into your hands. Starting from your hairline, rake the product through to the ends on the top and sides. (If you want to try a different product, look for a wax that’s equally pliable and shiny to create a wet effect.) 

Step 5: Pull some pieces straighter in the back and add more wax to any areas that look a little dry. Now practice dancing like Queen B.