The #FaceFullofFoodChallenge Is the Makeup Tutorial You Never Wanted (But Can't Stop Watching)

Devon Abelman
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The #FaceFullofFoodChallenge Is the Makeup Tutorial You Never Wanted (But Can't Stop Watching)

By Devon Abelman. Photos: Courtesy of Instagram.

Makeup challenges are some of my favorite beauty tutorials to watch because of their sheer insanity and the fact that real people would never attempt half of them. The #FaceFullofFoodChallenge may be even crazier than the Dollar Tree makeup challenge and the 100 layers videos combined. Raychel Newton, better known as @makeup_maven to her 14,600 Instagram followers, used only food to create a full makeup look, including foundation and brow filler. And TBH, I cringed a couple times watching the video she posted on Instagram. I've seen the woman who contoured with wine and the beauty blogger who mashed Oreos into makeshift mascara, but using butter as a brow highlighter is a new one. And that's just one of the courses in this makeup meal that has gotten about 24,200 views—and counting.

Newton started off by filling in her brows with cacao powder. If you're obsessed with the Too Faced chocolate-themed palettes, then you know that's not the weirdest food you could put on your face because, well, you use a roasted version of the same bean every day. She also used it as eye shadow and combined it with lucuma powder, a sugar alternative derived from a Peruvian fruit, for foundation.

After dipping her brush into a tub of butter spread to slick down her brows, Newton used another common beauty-product ingredient: honey. For the #FaceFullofFoodChallenge, she taps it on as an eye-shadow primer using her fingertip—all the better for coffee grounds and boxed mac and cheese powder to stick to her lids, my dear. Let me repeat that, Newton brushed cheese powder onto her creases. I'm simultaneously amazed and disgusted. And it actually didn't look cheesy, instead like a glimmery sort of highlight. "Powdered food was easier to blend, so I looked through my kitchen for such items," Newton tells Allure.

Oh, and Newton took face baking to the next level by setting her under eyes with flour. To contour her face, Newton unwrapped a Snickers bar and drew the chocolate coating onto the hollows of her cheekbones and down the sides of her nose. The candy bar was the by far the hardest of the food to blend, she says. "I chose chocolate because when warm it's creamy almost like the cream contour sets by Anastasia Beverly Hills," Newton adds. For some color on her cheeks, Newton swirled red gelatin powder on her apples. As for her lips, she stained them with raw beets, which is actually a pretty awesome hack. Then, she added some shine with coconut oil. The last step, though, probably shouldn't be tried at home. Newton burned the tips of coconut husk then glued them to her lashes as falsies.

The final product definitely could be mistaken for everyday makeup.

According to the caption, Newton is totally aware of how ridiculous her #FaceFullofFoodChallenge video is, but she called upon her followers to try out the challenge for themselves. I checked the tag, and as of publication, no one has given it a go just yet. I'll update this post when someone rises to the challenge. However, as Newton mentions in her caption, trying this at home should be attempted with caution. Even products that are safe for your stomach might not be as happy on your skin.

You can watch the full #FaceFullofFoodChallenge video here.

This story originally appeared on Allure.

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