Eric Stonestreet: The 4-Minute Interview

Sara Bliss
Senior Writer

Photo: Vera Anderson/Wireimage

I’ve done countless interviews and I’m known for being fast—fast as in a 15 to 20 minute chat. But when Swiffer’s public relations team told me that Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet would only have four to five minutes during their press event, I had a new record to set. Clocking in at four minutes and 29 seconds, it’s the fastest interview I’ve ever done. Here’s the new Swiffer Effect Brand Ambassador’s amusing scoop on what product reminds him of being on a pasture in Kansas, and the one thing he doesn’t want his dates to see coming out of his ears. Oh, and he had me smell him at the end of our interview too. It was an experience.

Scroll down and check out the very funny Swiffer Effect video he made with his mom at the bottom of the post. It’s awesome.

SB: I’ve heard you are a bit of a scent expert, do you have a favorite Swiffer scent?

ES:  I like the Open Window Fresh WetJet scent, it smells pretty good as you are using it. I like fresh and clean smells, so it makes sense that I would also be partnered with Swiffer because that is what they are all about, making your house all fresh and clean.

SB: Speaking of scents, what are your favorite colognes?

ES: Well right now I wear Irish Tweed from Creed. It is in a black bottle. It was given to me as a gift from my sister and I get so many compliments on how I smell. But at this moment, I am actually wearing Jo Malone. I can’t travel with my big bottle of Creed so I bring a little Jo Malone’s little testers. I have this one that reminds me of the beach. I also like Bobbi Brown’s Beach Fragrance. That’s sort of my palette. I like fresh and clean. I don’t ever want anyone to smell me and say, “Oh that guy is wearing a lot of cologne.” I want people to smell me and say, “You smell really good!” I think there is a difference. And I think I am successful at smelling good, I will let you smell me when we leave.

SB: Awesome. What is your grooming routine? Favorite products?

ES: Because makeup happens in my life as an actor, face wash is a key. I use La Mer cleansing gel every morning, every night, sometimes three times a day. Also, I use Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Face Tonic that you put on after you wash your face. It just rejuvenates your face. It takes away that morning face. You know, that one that everyone wakes up with. You put a couple dashes of that in your palm and put it on your face and it brightens and wakes you right up. I use her Lathering Tube Soap which reminds me of walking in a pasture in Kansas, that smell. It turns out that jasmine, wild rosemary, and something else is what’s in it.

SB: Is your grooming routine different when you’re single vs. when you’re dating?

ES: It’s really pretty much the same. I never realized I would have so much makeup on in my life, so it is important that I use some products and really keep my face clean and washed. That is my biggest routine is making sure my skin is clean and healthy. Then my hair and makeup people at Modern Family tell me when I have ear hair or nose hair, I think guys let that go and don’t worry about it. You have to make sure you’re trimmed in all the right areas. You don’t want a first date to look over and see a giant bush coming out of your ear.

SB: Very true! Thank you so much for speaking to me today.

ES: Wait, you need to smell me!

SB: Sniffs. Nice. Clean and light, you’re totally right.