Shake Up Your Cleansing Routine With New Facial Brush

Britt Aboutaleb
Managing Editor
July 9, 2014

The facial brush market isn’t so much over-crowded as it is dominated by one brush in particular. So why launch a new one? Clinique’s been working on their new Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush and they firmly believe it’s very different from anything else out there. I was skeptical, to say the least. I’ve had estheticians chastise me for using an exfoliating brush and chastise me for not. I’ve been talked into both directions and, over the years, realized that my skin looks better when I wash it with my hands. But as I said, I’m easily convinced to try almost anything just one more time.

So I started using Clinique’s brush about three times a week and I can see the difference. This brush looks different from the others—it’s oval, with pillowy white bristles ¾ of the way up. Then the bristles (all of which have extra gentle rounded ends) turn green and slightly rough, because they’re targeting your t-zone which is both harder to reach and naturally oilier. The brush also bends, because Clinique’s research showed that women overwhelmingly tilt their wrist out when brushing their cheeks and forehead, and flip in at the t-zone. It also turns off after 30 seconds—you can choose to start again, or call it a day, depending on your skin’s needs, but there aren’t any lights or buzzers or alerts to change sections, you just go at your own speed. As for the technology itself, the brand worked with a Swiss company at the forefront of toothbrush technology to make sure they got the “sonic” part just right. 

And it’s not actually the deep clean that has me reaching for the brush at night, it’s that the products I use after the brush feel exponentially more effective, like they’re really truly soaking into my just emptied pores. I can see the difference when I wake up in the morning sporting the kind of glow that usually comes post-facial.  If you’re loyal to a brush, you already know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t forged a strong relationship yet, check out Clinique’s new offering. 

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