Chrissy Teigen Responds to Trolls Who Question Her Pubic Hair Choices

Elizabeth Denton
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Chrissy Teigen Responds to Trolls Who Question Her Pubic Hair Choices

By Elizabeth Denton. Photos: Getty Images.

You would think people would know by now that Chrissy Teigen isn't a celebrity to mess with—especially on Twitter, where she responds to trolls who criticize her all the time. That's not to say she can't poke fun at herself, like when she thanked her laser hair removal specialists after her American Music Awards's wardrobe malfunction Sunday night showed a little more ~skin~ than she was expecting. But just because she can take a joke, doesn't mean she deserves to be shamed for her choices, especially by some dude on Twitter.

Today, a Twitter troll asked Teigen why she doesn't have pubic hair, making a gross crack about vaginas looking like they belong to an adult, not a child. (The user has since protected his Tweets, but there are many screenshots.) Instead of making a joke back, Teigen responded in all seriousness, trying to explain to this stranger why a Tweet about her pubic hair is so problematic—way more than her sexy AMAs dress. "This comment is 10,000 times more jarring and disrespectful and creepy and gross than a side flash," she wrote.

Many Twitter users jumped to Teigen's defense, especially men who were horrified at the comments that continued to come from this one troll specifically. Teigen herself wrote that the encounter was "super disturbing" and made her feel "icky."

It doesn't matter if Teigen waxes it all off or wants to grow a full bush—what women (or anyone!) decide to do with their body hair is entirely up to them. Seriously, whatever you do with your vulva, it's your body and no one else's. Take a page out of Teigen's playbook; You don't have to answer about it to anyone—especially strangers on Twitter.

This story originally appeared on Allure.

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This story originally appeared on Allure.

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