Brave Woman Speaks Out After Self-Harm Scar Discrimination

Allison Yee
Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

It seems like such an innocent, everyday thing — going into a shop and buying a bottle of champagne for a friend’s birthday.

But it was a situation that left healthcare assistant Becci Wain “devastated” and humiliated after she was refused service due to her self-harm scars.

In an essay for the Independent, 21-year-old Wain shared that when she took a trip to U.K. supermarket Tesco, she was pulled aside and confronted about her scars.

Wain, who admits it has taken six months of therapy to “finally feel comfortable in myself,” was eventually served but didn’t receive an apology.

After contacting the company online, she was told it wasn’t their policy at all and was later sent flowers as an apology.

While Wain says she was overwhelmed by the positive reaction to her story, she wants this to be an example of the change that needs to occur when it comes to openly talking about mental health issues.

“This is not a one-off issue; mental health discrimination happens daily,” Wain wrote. “It’s the snide remarks, the judgemental looks, the dismissal from a job with a petty excuse given, and the refusal of goods and services.”

“At the end of the day, after fighting my illness for so long, I shouldn’t have to be ashamed or feel judged every time I have my arms on show.”

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