Bella Thorne and Her Sister Matched Their Hair on the Red Carpet

Actress Bella Thorne, right, and sister Dani Thorne rocked the same red and green ombre hair. (Photo: Getty Images)
Actress Bella Thorne, right, and sister Dani Thorne rocked the same red-and-green ombré hair. (Photo: Getty Images)

The past few weeks have been full of hair transformations for Disney actress Bella Thorne, with the most recent one being a shocking dye job that included a bright shade of red with the bottom portion colored lime green (talk about a dramatic ombré!). But while the hair color, courtesy of Beverly Hills colorist Rona O’Connor, was certainly a bit out there — especially with a prestigious awards show coming up — it turns out that the star wasn’t the only one to try it out.

Thorne’s sister, Dani Thorne, also got the watermelon-inspired ‘do and ended up twinning with her sister more than we’ve ever seen. The pair debuted the look on social media earlier in the week, wearing matching outfits and similar septum rings for an undeniably similar look. See their matching style for yourself, below:

After seeing their look this week, it wasn’t too surprising to see the siblings rocking the red carpet at the 2016 American Music Awards sporting the same look yet again. However, this time the two ladies kept their hair curly and opted for very different outfits to set them apart.

But Bella and her sister didn’t stop there when it came to their AMA’s hair look: The duo also wore glitter along the top of their hair for an almost rave-meets-festival themed look that seems slightly reminiscent of the singer Kesha. The style also looked similar to the  glitter roots trend that took over Instagram earlier this year, except Bella and Dani spread their glitter a bit more all over their hair than the subtle line along the part that we’ve seen in the past.

Whether you like their new look or not, we doubt it’ll stay for long. Considering how frequently Bella changes her look, we can pretty much guarantee both her and her sister’s brightly colored hair won’t be around for long.

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