Being Short in a Tall World

Bobbi Brown
Editor in Chief
Yahoo Beauty

I never knew I was height challenged until I moved to New York City and started working in the fashion industry as a makeup artist. I come from a long tribe of short people. My grandmother was 4’9” my grandpa was 5’4”, so I thought being 5’ tall was pretty normal. Then I started working with supermodels and I felt teeny. I used to stand perched on boxes wearing heels to reach high enough to do my job. I felt so self-conscious being so short. 

Then something interesting happened. A lot of models told me how self-conscious they felt about their height. They thought being little was so feminine and adorable. Many of them hated being taller than guys. It was eye-opening. So much of life is clearly about perspective. I couldn’t change my height, but I could embrace it, which I did. I ditched wearing heels every day; I’m more often in sneakers. And I started making light of my smaller stature and taking pictures of me with tall people. I have a whole file of pics of me with basketball players and supermodels. It makes me laugh, and appreciate exactly who I am.