Have You Seen Colbie Caillat's New Video?

Bobbi Brown
Editor in Chief
July 15, 2014

I just watched singer Colbie Caillat’s inspiring new video Try. I really applaud her for starting this conversation about image and the pressure she’s been facing from the music industry to look a certain way. I love that she’s saying ‘no’ to other people’ s expectations, and ‘yes’ to how she feels most comfortable and beautiful.

I agree with her point that women shouldn’t wear makeup just to please other people. Women should use makeup to enhance their own beauty, help them look less tired, or to feel pretty for themselves. The great thing about makeup is that it can help make a woman feel more confident. The women in the video are too done up and the makeup fights their natural beauty—no wonder they want to take it off.  Freckles, naturally curly hair, and laugh lines are all beautiful, and should be celebrated, A bit of makeup is okay if a woman chooses to wear some; beauty is really about how you feel you look.