Bad Beauty Day? Here’s How to Turn it Around

Bobbi Brown
Editor in Chief
July 10, 2014

We all have those mornings. You wake up and you just don’t look your best. When you’re off your beauty game, there are ways to turn it around. Just like ponytails and messy buns work well for bad hair days, here are a few of my tricks for turning those bad beauty days into confident ones:

 1.     Hydrate! Dehydration is often the cause of why we look worn and tired. Drinking water as soon as you wake up and throughout the day will help.  Straight water—not sugary drinks or juice— is what really hydrates and helps skin look more radiant. 

2.    To counter dry, sallow skin, sometimes one moisturizer just isn’t enough. Try a combination of a serum (an intensely concentrated boost of liquid moisture) with a cream moisturizer on top. Or try layering a lighter cream moisturizer, followed by a richer version. Stop when you see that your skin looks plump, smooth, and glowing.

3.    Good concealer can take you from looking worn out to bright and beautiful. When you’re looking tired, apply concealer where darkness and discoloration is most prevalent, paying attention to the inner corners of the eye. Follow by a light dusting of powder to keep your concealer from melting off.

4.    When your eyes are puffy or tired, it’s better to stay away from eye shadow. Instead, go with the blackest of black mascara. After applying a few coats, before it dries, use your index finger under your lashes to curl up them. This will instantly open up your eyes.

5.    Cream blush helps skin look extra hydrated and makes the color look even more natural. You can try layering a bronzy shade of cream blush on your cheekbones, followed by a pop of pink on the apples of the cheek. A rosy glow goes a long way to making you look healthy and gorgeous.