9 Things All Millennials Need To Know About Lucille Ball


Lucille Ball, the first lady of television, would have been 105, and while it’s unlikely she would have lived this long, she had already left a stunning legacy behind her when she died in 1989 — one that went far beyond her “I Love Lucy” fame. It’s one that has been honored in the years since in many ways: two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; a commemorative postage stamp; an induction into the Women’s Hall of Fame; a comedy museum; and, controversially, in her hometown of Celoron, N.Y., a statue, which was criticized for being “scary” and “ugly” when it was unveiled in 2009 — but it was replaced by a new likeness this year, revealed on her birthday, Aug. 6. To honor National I Love Lucy Day, on Oct. 15, the date the hit show first aired 65 years ago, here’s Yahoo Beauty’s contribution to the show’s pile of honors: a list of facts about Technicolor Tessie that every millennial — in fact, every person! — needs to know.

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