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Milk Makeup Desk ’Til Dawn Set

The gift of the perfect office-to-holiday party transition kit is priceless. Milk Makeup Desk 'Til Dawn Set, $68. (Photo: Milk Makeup)

23 Holiday Beauty Gift Sets We Want Our Significant Others to Get for Us

Devon Kelley
Assistant Beauty Editor
Yahoo Beauty

Before the Internet, it was a lot easier to let people know exactly what you wanted to receive for the holidays. Put a few dog ears and circles throughout your favorite catalog, leave it somewhere your parents can’t miss it, and you’re guaranteed to get something you love. But now, when it comes to your S.O., things can get trickier. If you’re hard to shop for, like many beauty lovers are, then leave one of these perfect holiday gift sets open in your browser for the special person in your life to “accidentally” find. There’s a set for every price range and beauty need, and these are the cream of the crop.

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