Kavinsky and his Testarossa take your girlfriend away: Flickr photo of the day

March 25, 2013

French musician Kavinsky embraces a style of house that inevitably causes flashbacks to the 1980s and "Miami Vice," and his videos featuring a Ferrari Testarossas in various forms of illicit activities have become his calling card. From Fast-Auto.fr, here's Kavinsky just chillin' on the hood of a TR while it does burnouts, wondering what a pretty girl like her is doing with you, and if she wants to come to the after party. If you think you've got a cooler photo, add it to the Motoramic group on Flickr, or send us a message via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Here's Kavinsky's "Protovision" video to set the mood:

Kavinsky 'Protovision' from Marcus Herring on Vimeo.