Jerry Seinfeld reveals his earnest car guy side with Larry David in “Comedians” debut

July 20, 2012

Fame creates a false sense of familiarity. For a person as famous as Jerry Seinfeld, whose TV shows still flood America's living rooms on a daily basis, discovering some new facet of personality comes as a shock. Yet the debut of his web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," with Seinfeld and Larry David reuniting over a 1952 Volkswagen Beetle, also reveals a new part of Seinfeld that's never been so public -- earnest, knowledgeable car guy.

This 13-minute video is part of a series Seinfeld shot with comedians and funny people, including Ricky Gervais and Alec Baldwin, yet Seinfeld introduces the car and himself as if it's his first time putting video in front of people's faces. The banter between David and Seinfeld sounds just like what'd one might expect, but the tone changes when Seinfeld pulls up along a tricked-out Bugatti Veyron and makes the apt comparison between two Volkswagen products built six decades apart.

And the episode's title -- "Larry Eats A Pancake" -- reveals its true mission: Slowly revealing far more about the circumscribed dietary habits and tighty wound underwear choices of Larry David than anyone should be comfortable with. What kind of man doesn't like a hot lunch? (If the video below's not loading, you can see the episode here.)