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Clint Eastwood in Chrysler’s Super Bowl spot, new Ferrari F1 and more in the Dash

February 3, 2012

What we're reading this morning in the Motoramic Dash about Clint Eastwood's Super Bowl surprise, Ferrari's new set of wheels in Formula 1 and beyond:

Chrysler Super Bowl ad to feature Clint Eastwood [Wall Street Journal] According to the Journal's sources, Chrysler's big 2-minute ad in this year's game will feature Eastwood "giving the country a pep talk." Because when you think about America's greatest living motivational speakers, Clint Eastwood jumps to mind. I'd settle for Clint driving around Detroit reprising his gravelly song at the end of "Gran Turino" with Chrysler-appropriate lyrics. "Dodge….Durango…"

South Korea to get more Fords [Detroit News] Taking advantage of the trade agreement between South Korea and the United States, Ford plans to double the number of vehicles it exports to South Korea this year to…6,000. That's roughly how many vehicles Ford sells in the United States every 36 hours. Thanks to a combination of baroque government rules and Korean antipathy toward many foreign companies, few imports do well there. Meanwhile, South Korea exported 560,000 vehicles to the United States last year — and that number is also expected to rise.

Ferrari unveils innovative Formula 1 car [BBC] After a disappointing season in the rear view mirrors of the Red Bull team, Scuderia Ferrari's new car looks like an alien's slot racer — but in typical F1 fashion, has come through thousands of hours of engineering meant to squeeze every advantage possible under the technical rules. It won't turn a wheel in anger until testing begins in Spain next week.

Auto jobs rise in January [Bureau of Labor Statistics] Among the good news in this morning's unemployment report: a gain of 50,000 manufacturing jobs in the United States last month, with auto and parts makers accounting for 7,900 of those. Outside manufacturing, auto dealers added 7,400 jobs — many of whom will be wondering Monday whether Clint Eastwood can help them sell cars.