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Chrysler gets “Imported from Gotham City” in Dark Knight-themed ads


I assume it's because Batman's logo and the crest of the Chrysler corporation both have wings that Chrysler has decided to throw its shoulders into promoting "The Dark Knight" by releasing a new series of Bat-themed advertising, even changing its tagline to "Imported From Gotham City." Here's the first ad, featuring what Chrysler calls the Dark Knight edition of its Chrysler 300 sedan. If only jet engines were really on the option list.

Fiat-Chrysler marketing chief Olivier Francois knows how to get the company in the spotlight -- see Eminem and Clint Eastwood -- and describes the new ad depicting "an elite team of mechanics and machinists transform(ing) the vehicle with a Matte Black exterior, stealth body panels, advanced weapon systems and a jet engine." Sounds Gotham-ish, but in the latest series of Batman movies the Bruce Wayne character has favored either his custom-built battle cars or the occasional Lamborghini. Selling him on a Chrysler 300 sounds like a job even Robin wouldn't tackle.