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Audi unleashes the Doberhuahua: Super Bowl Ad Watch


Audi unleashes the Doberhuahua: Super Bowl Ad Watch

Every year, automakers look to the Super Bowl in an often vain attempt to put their newest vehicles in front of millions of viewers, spending tens of millions of dollars trying to catch people between bathroom breaks. This year will be no different. Here's one of the entries in our annual Super Bowl Ad Watch:

Title: Doberhuahua

Car being advertised: Audi A3

What happens?

The concept is simple: Man likes Chihuahua, woman likes Doberman (that's  your first hint that Audi's commercial is indeed fictional). Pet salesman suggests breeding the two together as a compromise. What your left with, after the unthinkable act is done (poor Chihuahua), is the Doberhuahua, a Chihuahua's body with a giant Doberman's head.

The mutant dog terrifies passersby and attacks practically everyone it sees, including Sarah McLachlan and her guitar and a young child riding his tricycle. Eventually Doberhuahuas overrun the entire city (universe?), and these "misunderstood" creatures leave a world in great peril.

"Compromise scares us too" is Audi's caption. We then get to see why the German brand created this freakish mutation in the first place — to emphasize that the A3 small sedan is designed "without compromise."

Does it work?

I can't get the image of this big-headed mongrel out of my mind. I mean, why is this dog so mad? Is it because one parent likely ate the other by mistake? Wouldn't you bite Sarah McLachlan's guitar if you had the chance?

Wait, there was an Audi A3 there too? My eyes are so ferociously scarred that I didn't notice.