Shawn Carrié and Pesha Magid

    Shawn Carrié and Pesha Magid

  • In Turkish election, democracy itself is at stake

    It’s a week before an election, and the firebrand candidate takes the podium to speak to a small, private crowd of loyal supporters. Turkey is holding snap elections on June 24, and in the run-up, Erdoğan’s stump speeches have grown more and more Trumpian. Like the American president, Erdoğan fashions himself as populist representative of the common man facing down an array of corrupt elites.

  • Amid the devastation left by ISIS, Iraqis vote, hoping for a better future

    While Americans have been looking the other way, Iraqis are preparing to vote for Parliament, even in devastated areas like Mosul. In an optimistic sign for democracy, for the first time the parties aren’t divided strictly by religion.