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'The Rock' Calls Instagram Mom's #TBT Halloween Costume a Winner

Nora Crotty
News Editor
Yahoo Style

When it comes to picking a Halloween costume, lots of people choose to dress up like their favorite celebrities. But it’s far less common for someone to actually get a response from their temporary doppelgänger — especially when the costume in question is pretty much taking the Mickey out of said A-lister.

But that’s exactly what happened to Amela Joldic, a new mom from British Columbia, Canada, and fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Joldic, 26, celebrated Halloween a little early this year, taking costume inspiration from the actor and former wrestler. Wearing her own pants and turtleneck, her husband’s watch, a wrist chain from her brother, and a fanny pack found at Walmart, Joldic channeled Johnson’s infamous ’90s #tbt Instagram post, which he first shared back in 2014. You know the one.

On Sunday evening, Joldic shared a photo of her costume on Instagram, along with a caption about how she finally “felt confident enough 6 months postpartum to wear [a] crop top!” and a request for her followers to “do [her] a favor and tag #therock in the comments” in the hopes that the star would see her handiwork for himself. Amazingly, her plan worked.

Then, just after putting her six-month-old daughter, Melina, to bed, Joldic discovered her Instagram had completely blown up — thanks to Johnson reposting her side-by-side on his own account, which has nearly 70 million followers.

“I was super shocked and thrilled at the same time!” she tells Yahoo Style. “I fought the urge to wake up my husband to show him — I definitely wasn’t able to go to bed right away!” At press, her photo had been ‘liked’ more than 3,000 times.

In his re-post (above), Johnson — who refers to Joldic as a “fanny pack wearin’ sexy mama” — writes that his favorite aspect of Joldic’s Insta is “the part about her being confident enough to wear a crop top being 6 months postpartum.” Which is exactly the kind of positive statement that has drawn Joldic to him from the beginning.

“I have been a fan of his since I was a kid,” she says. “His attitude towards obstacles in life is amazing, and he’s definitely someone I look up to. He is a great role model and his words have gotten me through some hard times.”

She also credits Johnson as inspiring her to stay focused on her health after giving birth. “My body may never be the same again, but it’s brought an amazing little girl into my life,” she says. “The Rock is always rockin’ his boots-to-asses and ‘team, bring it’ attitude when it comes to working out or being fit and healthy. Right now, I’m doing my best to be a good mommy and work on my body. I mentioned the confidence about the crop top because I am very proud of the stage I am at now with my postpartum progress.”

Of course, aside from his inspiring attitude and thoughtful social media postings, it’s impossible to ignore the other fabulous thing Johnson has brought to Joldic’s life: A newfound appreciation for fanny packs. As she tells Yahoo Style, the appropriateness of sporting one with an outfit that doesn’t involve a turtleneck and chains “depends on what you’re wearing.” But mostly, she’s into it.

“To be honest, most women (including myself) carry a huge purse full of random stuff around that starts to weigh you down. The fanny pack is hands-free, and a lot lighter to have on you at all times,” she explains. “I love the idea of sporting a fanny pack and would definitely wear it around!”

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