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Stars embarrass themselves for charity with awkward #puberme pics

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With so much upsetting news in the world already this week, it’s a relief to see something as delightful as awkward celebrity photos. Kristen Bell, Sterling K. Brown, and many other recognizable faces are throwing it back to their teen days as part of the “PuberMe” campaign, started by Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll, to raise money for devastated Puerto Rico.

Kristen Bell

“Late to the game but never tardy to a party, here you go,” Bell captioned this photo of herself in a puffy-sleeved dress and big glasses. Too cute for words! (Photo: Kristen Bell via Twitter)

Nick Kroll

The funnyman started it all, on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, when he challenged celebs to post pics from their less glamorous years. “There’s catharsis in showing who we were and what we became,” Kroll said. Both Kroll and Colbert agreed to make donations for hurricane recovery for each celeb who participates. So, of course, he had to do it too! (Photo: Nick Kroll via Instagram)

Stephen Colbert

As for Colbert himself? Behold: “Nick Kroll asked me to post a pic of my awkward stage, but I never had one. So here’s me lookin’ cool as hell!” (Photo: Stephen Colbert via Twitter)

Alison Brie

Brie cleverly hashtagged her PuberMe pic #headgear and #YOUREWELCOME. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner for the funniest submission. (Photo: Alison Brie via Instagram)

Sterling K. Brown

The This Is Us star proved that he always had a beautiful smile with his supposedly “awkward” pic. “Please meet 18 year old SKB,” he captioned it. “Should have saved it for Thursday, but wanted to make sure I got in on the #puberme challenge while it was on my mind. Least I can do to help the American citizens of Puerto Rico.” (Photo: Sterling K. Brown via Instagram)

Amy Schumer

Known for her funny throwbacks, Schumer selected one of her and her brother trying to get through the sadness of Shannen Doherty’s departure from Beverly Hills, 90210, we presume. (Photo: Amy Schumer via Instagram)

Michelle Monaghan

“This is 14…with 14 lbs of hair,” Monaghan quipped. She doesn’t look much different than she does today, does she? (Photo: Michelle Monaghan via Instagram)

Ryan Seacrest

“Found in the Connie Seacrest archive under ‘awkward phase,’” the TV host joked about this photo. If he only had known what lay ahead… (Photo: Ryan Seacrest via Instagram)

Patton Oswalt

“If it’ll help #PuertoRicoRelief I’ll happily #PuberMe, but all my adolescent pics are 100% awesome,” the comedian accurately captioned this snapshot. (Photo: Patton Oswalt via Twitter)

Lena Dunham

Dunham is known for keeping it real, and she didn’t disappoint here. “Hope pimple in the middle of my forehead doesn’t distract too much from my (actual) hairless kitten,” she quipped. (Photo: Lena Dunham via Instagram)

Kelly Ripa

Raise your hand if you ever posed with a similar backdrop as a kid? (*Raises hand*) Although Ripa looks younger, she revealed that she was 13 in this photo. (Photo: Kelly Ripa via Instagram)

Mark Consuelos

The Riverdale actor (and husband of Kelly Ripa) noted his facial hair in his awkward photo: “Didn’t everyone have a mustache in 8th grade?” (Photo: Mark Consuelos via Instagram)

Lena Headey

Years before Headey starred on Game of Thrones, she wore socks with sandals while sitting atop a horse, as so many of us did back then. (Photo: Lena Headey via Instagram)

Conan O’Brien

The freckles are too cute in this snapshot of the funnyman. With that background, it was undoubtedly a yearbook photo. (Photo: Conan O’Brien via Instagram)

Aisha Tyler

Tyler wins the award for funniest caption, hands down. “Here I am in the sixth grade,” she wrote. “Feast your eyes: there is so VERY much to take in. As you can see, I am at least 300% larger than all other sixth graders on the planet ever (the humans near me are to scale). After this impromptu juice box-fueled lunchtime dance I went out into the city and crushed puny humans with my thundering hooves of doom. Look upon me and despair.” (Photo: Aisha Tyler via Instagram)

Kathy Griffin

You never know what Griffin is going to say, except that it will be outrageous. “And you wonder why I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20…,” she cracked about her pic. (Photo: Kathy Griffin via Twitter)

Andy Cohen

“Hey @nickkroll @stephenathome – wanna fight?? #PuberMe #PuertoRicoRelief #1983” the Watch What Happens: Live host challenged. (Photo: Andy Cohen via Instagram)

Rachel Bloom

Before she starred in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Bloom had a career as a costume designer, sort of. “And can you tell I made this Halloween costume myself?!” she asked. (Photo: Rachel Bloom via Instagram)

Kate Hudson

Seriously? Give it up, Kate, because you obviously didn’t have an awkward phase. (Photo: Kate Hudson via Instagram)

Lance Bass

The guys of NSync were perfect to teens everywhere, even (especially?) when they were wearing matching outfits or performed their synchronized dance moves. Now we’re embarrassed remembering. (Photo: Lance Bass via Instagram)

Vanna White

Wheel of Fortune letter-turner White had not yet adopted her signature wardrobe of glittery gowns or her blond hair when she posed for what appears to be a yearbook photo in ninth grade. (Photo: Vanna White via Instagram)

Olivia Wilde

Wilde partied down in a hat at what must’ve been an early-’90s birthday bash. She riffed, “What I lacked in eyebrows, I made up for in chin-ne.” (Photo: Olivia Wilde via Instagram)

Jack Black

Adorable is the best way to describe the early headshot that Black shared. Even back then, he looked pretty mischievous. (Photo: Jack Black via Instagram)

Ruby Rose

The Orange Is the New Black actress was a “straight baller” back in the day. (Photo: Ruby Rose via Instagram)

Kate Beckinsale

“The only move aged 14 when elderly female relative gives you racy underwear set for Christmas,” Beckinsale joked about her early days as a trendsetter. (Photo: Kate Beckinsale via Instagram)

John Oliver

And now, this… The host of Last Week Tonight invokes what he calls “the nuclear option.” Can’t. Stop. Laughing. (Photo: John Oliver via Twitter)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

JGL deemed this promotional photo from his child acting days “Awkwarddddddddddddddd.” (Photo: Joseph Gordon-Levitt via Instagram)

James Corden

“Hello, ladies,” the late-night host teased alongside this adorable pic. “I’m James from High Wycombe, England.” (Photo: James Corden via Instagram)

Busy Phillips

The former Freaks and Geeks star was honest about her throwback. “Very unclear why I thought this was a good look,” she wrote. “But @nickkroll @stephenathome I hope you raised a lot of money today!” (Photo: Busy Phillips via Instagram)

Jimmy Fallon

The future host of The Tonight Show gave us serious “#SquadGoals” with this snapshot. The OP shirt and the light denim jeans are early-’90s perfection. (Photo: Jimmy Fallon via Instagram)

Jimmy Kimmel

Recognize the guy on the left? Yep, the license plate on that car says, “L8 NITE.” (Photo: Jimmy Kimmel via Instagram)

America Ferrera

In one of her first roles, the 2002 Disney Channel movie Gotta Kick It Up!, the future star of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants played a cheerleader. So this photo isn’t embarrassing, but it works since it’s for a good cause. (Photo: America Ferrera via Twitter)

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