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Meghan Markle inspires (mostly) love on Yahoo

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While Meghan Markle might not be your cup of tea, she's still Prince Harry’s gal, the Duchess of Cambridge, and the first American to marry into the royal family since Wallis Simpson tied the knot with King Edward VIII more than 80 years ago.

She takes her tabloid and social media batterings in stride, and publicly shakes off the (often-vicious) criticism she gets about her biracial heritage, extended family drama, and her alleged attitude toward Buckingham Palace.

While many Yahoo commenters don’t necessarily have the fuzziest of feelings toward the former Suits actress — who also used to write a lifestyle blog and worked at the U.S. Embassy in Argentina during her senior year at Northwestern University — plenty of readers love her poise, style, and relationship with Prince Harry.

“Meghan is royalty,” one reader said on an original Yahoo Lifestyle blog post about Meghan’s participation in a documentary about Queen Elizabeth II. “Her smile really lights up a room,” another commenter said. “Not many people can do this, but she does it with such amazing grace.”

Another reader appreciated Meghan’s look at the Audi Polo Challenge: “This girl is stunning.” A lot of commenters have shared this sentiment across articles: “She is a free spirit, and looks so sweet,” one reader said on a post about Markle’s makeup-free look.

Other fans have flocked to Twitter to spread their support. They love Meghan, and her relationship with Prince Harry.

“Meghan Markle and THAT glow,” Twitter user Van de Rox wrote. 

“The way they look at each other #HarryandMeghan," another user said. 

Yahoo readers love the two, too, leaving comments like, “They are so cute and what is right in the world” on articles about the couple’s shenanigans.

What do you think about the Duchess of Cambridge?

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