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Keeping away from the Kardashians: Yahoo readers vent on famous family

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It doesn’t matter where you look, Kim K. and her family are ubiquitous. They ornament magazine spreads and red carpet gatherings on the daily, all the while curating picture perfect social feeds to draw in even the most jaded of media consumers. No doubt they have their fans — millions and millions worldwide. But those fans are hard to find in the Yahoo Lifestyle comments.

A message that’s hard to ignore is that users. are. over. them.

Here are just a few examples of the shade thrown on the Kardashian-Jenner clan, in the comments of articles on anything from Kim’s weight loss (have you heard she’s down to 116 pounds?) to Kanye’s too-small shoes at a 2 Chainz’s wedding, to Stormi Webster’s pierced ears.

Some Yahoo users think the family is not so aspirational: “I would want my kids to grow up and be just like…….anyone but them,” one commenter said. “This family needs your prayers,” another wrote.

Many readers invoked a common nickname for the family in their comments: “Kartrashians shoved down our throats every day,” one reader said, “I want to puke at the sight.” (Ouch.) Another expressed more puzzlement than anger: “What surprises me is that the kartrashians have fans.”

Several readers (somewhat sarcastically?) appreciated the family’s perceived lifestyle — “It’s nice to have a life of doing nothing with [their] fans paying for it,” one wrote — while others questioned the family’s right to complain about anything to their vast social media following: “Stop putting yourself on display, and you won’t have to worry about people criticizing your actions,” one commenter said.

Yahoo readers had a lot of questions for the family:

“Posing? Is that ALL they do?” one commenter asked.

“What would they do without a camera focused on them???” another asked.

“Why do they always have to be half-naked?” said a non-fan.

The sentiment echoed across some chambers of the Twittersphere, too – but not all.

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