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Kanye's footwear explanation puzzles Yahoo commenters

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Kanye West’s opinions and life choices will forever puzzle, confuse and amuse us all, but now Yeezy’s turning heads with his choice of footwear at a recent wedding. That’s right--the man who turned shading Taylor Swift into an artform is driving fans up the wall with his apparent fashion faux pas.

Kim Kardashian and her famous husband attended 2 Chainz’s wedding ceremony on August 18th, but it it wasn’t West’s creme colored Louis Vuitton suit that’s making headlines, or even his Yeezy Slides-and socks combo that threw everyone for a loop: The sandals appeared to be the wrong size for his feet.

Kanye denied the charge, insisting the sandals were the right fit. He even attempted to prove his point with an illustration.

Yahoo commenters were not buying it. “Yeezy is cheesy,” one said. “The shoes belong in a retirement home,” another wrote. “I'll start taking fashion advice from Kanye West the day I start taking medical advice from Dr. Phil,” opined another.

Others were unphased by Kanye’s ludicrous explanation. “‘The sky isn’t blue.’ -Kanye

West,” stated one. “Oh, I thought he was going to explain why it is correct to wear sandals with a

Suit,” another sarcastically wrote.

Some commenters were more disturbed at the fact that Kanye’s alleged crime against fashion was even in the news. “I just clicked on a story about Kanye West’s sandals,” read one reaction. “What has become of my life?” Another asked, “Why oh why am I reading this?”


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