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Joanna Gaines Just Shared a Her Sonogram After Revealing She's Pregnant

Lauren Smith
Good Housekeeping
Photo credit: Instagram via @chipgaines

From Good Housekeeping

Big news Fixer Upper fans: Your favorite HGTV couple is having a baby! The duo were overjoyed to share their news with the world yesterday on Instagram. As you probably already know, Chip and Joanna are saying "goodbye" to their hit show, Fixer Upper, at the end of this season to focus on their family. And now that we know their household is growing, it makes all the more sense. Here's everything we know so far about the new baby.

1. This will be the couple's fifth child.

The pair shared the news that they'll soon be a party of seven on Instagram, and Chip, per usual, put his own humorous spin on the occasion, posing next to Joanna with his own, bigger bump. The baby will join older siblings Drake, 11, Ella Rose, 9, Duke, 8, and Emma Kay, 7.

2. Chip is convinced the baby is a boy.

Even though the couple doesn't appear to know the gender yet, they have a guess: "Chip swears he can already tell it's a boy," Joanna wrote on Instagram. "Look at the little heartbeat!!"


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