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Women of Comic Con Transform Into Empowering Female Role Models

Joanna Douglas
Senior Editor

Comic Con hit New York City this week, and a huge part of the event is seeing fellow attendees in cosplay. Some may poke fun at the women of all ages wearing costumes in public, but behind the wigs, the makeup, and the outfits is real significance — these ladies literally stepped into the shoes of the badass, iconic, and empowering women who, in some way, inspire them in their every day lives. Check out these tributes to confident, tough, resilient chicks.


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Jackie as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”

“What do I love about her? Her voice! [Laughs] I like how she decides to be someone different and took advantage of a situation to make her life better.”

Siobhan as Harley Quinn

“I like that she’s a little sick and twisted but she’s also her own person.”

Laura as Sally from “Nightmare Before Christmas”

“She is very timid but she tried to be very independent and break the boundaries she’s always been kept in.”

Jenna as Mad Moxxi from the Borderlands 2 video game

“I her style and attitude — she’s spunky, sexy, and just fun.

Sandy as Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty”

“I like that she’s a princess in disguise — that’s how I am, too.”

Nujie as Athena from “Saint Seiya”

“I love her costume and how she plays such a strong character and has people fighting a war for her. She has everyone wrapped around her finger.”

April as Poison Ivy

“I’m a gardener! I’m not really into comics at all — I just like gardening.”

Isabelle as Scarlet Overkill from “Despicable Me”

“I like the fact that she’s a woman villain and not many people are like her.”

Bailey as Poison Ivy

“I’ve always liked DC comics better and I love her retro ‘50s style.”

Shannon as Hellgirl

“Why can’t Hellboy be a girl?”

Amanda as Sailor Moon

“I love the moon and so I’ve loved Sailor Moon since I was little. We are one in the same.”

Gemma as Caitlyn skin for Yoko Littner from League of Legends video game

“She never plays games. She’s a very strong character, but she couldn’t catch a break.”

Megan as Rogue from “X-Men”

“I’ve loved her since I was a kid. She’s very independent and strong-willed — and she covers herself up.”

Chloe as Peggy Carter from “Agent Carter”

“She’s Peggy! And no one else’s opinion matters.”

Damaris as Dark Phoenix

“She’s a badass.”

Kate as Barbara Maitland in “Beetlejuice”

“I love the movie — it’s Tim Burton at his best. This look is a cool take on the afterlife… and I like the idea of scaring people more than anything.”

Erin as Harley Quinn

“I love that she’s goofy, sexy, sassy and she’s not whorish. She’s a lady about her sexuality.”

Aralyn as Hecarim from the League of Legends video game

“I love unicorns — they’re magical and mysterious. And he’s a unicorn of death. I thought that was super cool.”

Yelena as Beatrix Kiddo and Laura as Gogo from “Kill Bill”

“Mine’s a badass who’s a survivor.” - Yelena “Mine is crazy but so tough.” – Laura

Jessica as Black Window from “Avengers”

“She’s the most awesome woman in Marvel becayse she’s strong, she doesn’t take s–t from the boys, and she’s pretty sexy.”

Tea as ancient Greek Supergirl

“I love Supergirl and I’m excited about the new show. I like taking iconic characters and putting them in a different context.”

Victorial as Tauriel from “The Hobbit”

“She’s a really strong character, and as far as elves go she’s just your standard badass.”

Amy as Leeloo from “Fifth Element”

She’s kickass. I like how tough she is. I like strong women.”


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