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    Kyle Walker ‘should never play for England again’ after hosting sex party during lockdown, says Ian Holloway

    Ian Holloway believes Manchester City should get rid of Kyle Walker and has called on Gareth Southgate not to pick the defender again for England after he broke lockdown restrictions last week.Walker issued an apology at the weekend after it was revealed he invited a friend and two escorts to his house for a ‘sex party’ last Tuesday, with the ill-advised soiree going against the Government’s social distancing regulations that are in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.Walker’s actions mirrored that of Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish, who was also forced to apologise after he attended a friend’s flat believed to belong to former teammate Ross McCormack the previous weekend, despite the British public not to have any interaction with people from other households.Walker was also caught up in a second incident at the weekend, with former England captain Wayne Rooney reported to have been warned by police after he met up with the Manchester City defender while out on a walk with his family.City are investigating Walker’s actions and he is expected to receive a heavy fine and reprimand for his actions, but current Grimsby Town manager Holloway believes that his defiance of the Government regulations should be enough for the defending Premier League champions to sell Walker as soon as possible – particularly in light of the tragic news that manager Pep Guardiola lost his mother Dolors Sala on Monday after she contracted coronavirus. “First off I’d like to send my love and best wishes to Pep as he’s lost his mum,” Holloway told Talksport. “The reality of that and then you have one of your players (Walker), it’s almost brainless. What on earth are you doing having a party like that? It’s bang out of order. I’d be looking to get him out of the club, that’s not right and it’s so irresponsible.“You end up believing in your hype and you think you can control the world.”Holloway added that 48-cap England international should never play for the Three Lions again, claiming that it goes completely against what is expected of a national team player.“Totally. It beggars belief,” he said. “Where’s the discipline? Where’s the actual discipline?”The former Blackpool and Queens Park Rangers boss believes that the actions of Walker and Grealish show how the current climate has shown the world has its priorities wrong – particularly when it comes to the wages paid to those who are making the difference during the coronavirus crisis.“It’s so disrespectful to generations and generations who fought for us, it’s all wrong,” he said of those who continue to go out.“I think the world is upside down, the top money should not be paid to entertainers, but the people keeping us safe on the frontline and the Government need to make sure these doctors and nurses are paid the top money so people want to do that for real.”

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    Dr. Anthony Fauci cautiously predicts kids will return to school next fall, 'but it's going to be different'

    A reporter at Tuesday's White House coronavirus press briefing raised the question many, many parents want answered: How soon will the kids be going back to school? This school year is probably out in most of the country, but what about summer school? In the fall?Vice President Mike Pence, who was at the lectern, thanked America's teachers for adjusting to remote learning. The coronavirus task force will work on "guidance going forward, whether it be summer school or whether it be returning to school next fall," he said, "but the most important thing we can do is put this epidemic behind us as quickly as possible."Pence turned the stage over to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. "Well, my daughter is a school teacher, so she asked me the same question," Fauci said. "I fully expect -- though I'm humble enough to know that I can't accurately predict -- that by the time we get to the fall, that we will have this under control enough that it certainly will not be the way it is now, where people are shutting schools. My optimistic side tells me that we'll be able to renew, to a certain extent -- but it's going to be different, remember now, because this is not going to disappear."Assuming the U.S. has the ability to widely test for the disease, determine how many people have built up antibodies after surviving the virus, and trace the contacts of newly infected people, U.S. health officials will have a much better grasp of the situation in the fall, Fauci said. "All of these things are going to go into the decision of just how much back to the original way we'd like it to be in the fall. Bottom line is no absolute prediction, but I think we're going to be in good shape." More stories from theweek.com Democrat Amy McGrath raises more money than Mitch McConnell in 1st quarter What America needs to do before lockdown can end Wearing mask, gloves, and protective gown, Wisconsin GOP assembly speaker says it's 'incredibly safe' to vote

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    Drone Video of Mass Burial at New York's Hart Island Described as Showing Inmates Working Amid Virus Outbreak

    A drone video from The Hart Island Project, an advocacy group rallying for the public to visit the mass cemetery on New York’s Hart Island, was described as showing inmates burying bodies, en masse, on April 2, amid the coronavirus pandemic.The video shows wooden coffins inside mass graves on the island, which has been used as New York’s public cemetery for decades. Inmates and a police bus can be seen in the video, as former inmate Vincent Mingalone narrated the footage, describing his time on the burial detail. Mingalone can be heard in the video saying he was serving six months at Rikers Island for disobeying a court order before his release on February 18.In the video, Mingalone said the prison only enlisted the help of inmates to bury bodies on Thursdays, and the Thursday burials ranged from 11 to 24 bodies per trip. Melinda Hunt, the Hart Island Project board president, told reporters 23 bodies were buried on Thursday, April 2.Mingalone said he would work on the truck unloading coffins and his job was to write the name of the deceased on the outside of the coffin and map the plot. He would then pass the body to three inmates, who would pass it to three inmates “inside the pit”, the burial location. Each coffin would be stacked three high, and they would “continue the process until the truck was empty.”Once the coffins were placed in the grave, they would pack the coffins with sand and soil, and “we would leave the pit until next week’s burial.”“I must say, we did take pride in what we did and we knew we were the only ones there for these people and you know, it’s just always intriguing that there’s so many stories, like we didn’t know this person, we didn’t see this person, they’re inside of a box. All we know is a name and date of death, but we always wondered if this person serve me coffee, was this person a janitor in a building, or what did this person do in life that they ultimately wound up here alone? We did the best we could with dignity and we handled the bodies carefully,” he said in the video.According to reports, prisoners were offered $6 per hour to perform the burials and given personal protective equipment (PPE). The offer was made to those prisoners with convictions, and not to those awaiting trial, the report said. Mingalone can be heard in the video expressing concern about the lack of available workers, considering some New York prisons or jails are releasing prisoners amid the outbreak.The Hart Island Project posted the footage and had shared similar footage in the past in an effort to encourage the public to visit the island, which in November became accessible parkland.Hart told Storyful: “Hart Island is a beautiful location and the burials are conducted with respect. I do not think New Yorkers should fear Hart Island burials. The Parks Department will restore the landscape and it will be one of our most beloved parks.”On Tuesday, April 7, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said 731 people died in the city since Monday, April 6. New York City has been declared an epicenter of the virus. Credit: The Hart Island Project via Storyful