Wolf Financial Brings 'Market Madness' In March With $10K Grand Prize

Market Madness is a new event conceived by Wolf Financial, an up-and-coming social networking and investment research platform.

The Market Madness Bracket: Market Madness is a spinoff of March Madness. Instead of college basketball teams, participants vote on stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies that will be voted on to the next round.

Just as you would fill out your bracket for March Madness, participants will fill out a bracket with one winning stock. The bracket that receives the most points at the end will win a $10,000 grand prize.

The brackets must be completed before March 22.

The influencers who have signed on to Market Madness represent a cumulative audience of more than 4 million followers, according to Wolf Financial.


The best way to get a bit of an edge when it comes to filling out your bracket is to go to think about which influencers are backing each stock in Market Madness, Wolf Financial COO Gav Blaxberg told Benzinga Monday.

“I think people have to really dig deep into who is backing each stock, ETF and crypto. If you want to get a bit of an edge, you can go to our affiliate section to find our creators and see which stocks are talked about most often. I love my creators, they’re all fantastic!”

Blaxberg said he's excited to be working with some creators in particular, including @JonahLupton on Twitter, @AustinHankwitz on TikTok and @pricelesstay on TikTok.

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A 'Perfect Entry Point' For New Traders: Wolf's platform is designed for retail investors to make informed decisions at any experience level, with a friendly interface new investors and institutional-grade information for professionals.

Market Madness is a great way for beginners to learn about investing, and maybe win some money without risking their own, Blaxberg said.

"Market Madness shows that Wolf is the perfect entry point for beginners into the stock market," he said.

The COO said he hopes people who have never traded before will come out of Market Madness with a new passion for stocks and the trading community, setting themselves up for generational success.

"We make it fun, accessible and easy to understand. When you log onto the Wolf app, you are surrounded by a community and are given all the tools to conduct your own fundamental research with no background.”

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