This is why you’re seeing videos of Usher roller-skating everywhere

Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace founder Liberty Ross shares how Usher got involved with the iconic LA roller rink’s revival,

Video Transcript

LIBERTY ROSS: Flipper's is all about fun, it's about unity, it's about positivity, it's about equality. Hi, I'm Liberty Ross. And I'm here with In the Know by Yahoo. I am the founder of Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace. And Usher is my partner, which is incredible. I'm actually Flipper's daughter.

USHER RAYMOND IV: Y'all make some noise one time for the originator, Flipper himself.

LIBERTY ROSS: Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace was a legendary roller rink that my parents opened in Hollywood in 1979. A lot of people compare it to Studio 54 on wheels. So it was a real diverse mix of music, culture, celebrity. Similarly to Studio 54, it was alive for three years. I've been so inspired by all the people that I've met and the stories that they've told me that I decided that we need Flipper's back.


What happened was I actually turned my garage in LA into Flipper's. That was during the pandemic because all the rinks shut down. So we couldn't skate. And now it's like LA's little best kept secret. Everyone comes and skates with us, which is so fun. But Usher came over to skate. And we realized that we shared the same dream. He has always wanted to do this for the skate community as well, open rinks. So here we are at Rockefeller Center.