Well, That's Different! Here Are 8 Quirky Travel Accommodations

For some travelers, the “regular” hotel rooms and AirBnB’s ain’t it; there needs to be some razzle dazzle to make the trip extra memorable. Whether in the US or overseas, there are many quirky accommodations you can book- more than can be compiled in one list. From tree houses to forest domes, historical estates and prison cells (yes, for real!)- there really are no limits. And they aren’t all exorbitant. Depending on where you look and when you go, you might find a bargain.

Recently, we reported that you could spend a night in the windmill at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. It appears that’s no longer being offered, at least not on AirBnB. But it must have been a treat to sleep in that historic bedroom with its Belle Epoque accents. What a unique way to step back in time when the city’s most famous cabaret was at its zenith!

Here are some international travel accommodations that are out of the box.

Atlanta Treehouse- Georgia

If you’re planning to go to the ATL, consider booking a few nights at this lovely AirBnB treehouse tucked away from the bustle of the city.


It has been written about by Architectural Digest, Travel + Leisure and others.

The treehouse is divided into three sections: mind, body and spirit, which are connected by rope bridges.

Intended for two guests, this is an ideal place to go with a friend or romantic partner.  Good luck getting the dates you want- it’s wildly popular.

Houdini Estate- California

If you want to splurge, take up residence in the former home of one of history’s most famous escape artists.

The estate is in Los Angeles and has four bedrooms. The grounds are beautifully manicured, with ponds, waterfalls and hiking trails. It’s a perfect setting for some dope Instagram photos.

According to AirBnB, it was “built in the Edwardian tradition in the early 1900s. It still has caves, hidden tunnels, terraced gardens, and a deep-water tank where Harry Houdini reportedly practiced his underwater escapes. The secluded property was the perfect retreat for America’s first action hero.”

Giraffe Manor- Kenya

Imagine sipping tea while “Geoffrey” sticks his head through the window and inquires if you have any treats. You know, the Toys R Us mascot?

Giraffe Manor in Kenya is surrounded by 12 acres of private land and 140 acres of forest beyond.

When interacting with these majestic animals, there are some rules. Loud and sudden movements may startle them. When feeding them pellets, stand directly in front rather than the side. And don’t let the giraffes eat from the bowl- give them one pellet at a time.

“Pumba” and the warthog crew might try to crash the party, but don’t feed them. They are greedy.

The lodgings themselves are lovely. Check out information on the rooms and suites available here.

Karosta Prison- Latvia


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This for sure isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but who knows, it might be your shot of vodka.

Karosta Prison in Liepāja, Latvia is a Soviet- era prison and is one of the only military jails in Europe open to tourists. Political rivals and others who ran afoul of the Communist Party were held captive.

It’s believed to be haunted.

Most visitors opt for the tour and call it a day. But a handful of others decide to spend a night, just to get a taste of prisoner life. And with that comes the prison garb, interrogation and fear that will linger well after you leave.

You can book a single, double or triple room (cell), with the option to add on breakfast served by a prison guard for an additional cost.

The guards, of course, are actors and they take their job seriously. So if you hear somebody banging on your cell door in the dead of night, don’t be surprised.

You can find booking information here.

Yotel- New York


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The best way to classify this popular, Japanese-inspired hotel in Times Square is “space- age minimalist.”

The rooms range from “Solo” which is compact to the Penthouse King suite, offering sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline.

The location is as convenient as it gets. You’ll be right by Hell’s Kitchen (which has blocks and blocks of restaurants), the Javits Center, Hudson Yards and more.


Tubo Hotel- Mexico


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This accommodation in Tepoztlán is actually a hostel consisting of concrete tubes stacked in a pyramid formation.

Staying here is a bit like glamping in that it affords guests the chance to be in nature, without sacrificing comfort.

Each tube has a comfortable bed and you can mingle with other guests in the communal areas or by the pool.

There’s also complimentary breakfast and you’re less than an hour from Mexico City.

Check out more information here.




Finn Lough Forest Domes- Ireland


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Here’s another chance to connect with nature without having to camp out in it directly.

These domes are shaped like bubbles and are an hour and a half from Dublin.

The domes are fully transparent, allowing you to enjoy the beauty around you. And when night falls, the stargazing will exceed your expectations.

Breakfast is included and be sure to check out the spa and other activities on site.

Please note that the domes are for adults only.

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve- South Africa

This nature reserve close to Cape Town touts itself as “an oasis on the edge of time.”

Lodging styles include the open-air suites, hut suites and cave suites. There’s also camping available.

In an effort to encourage guests to live in the moment, there aren’t any telephones or cell phone service in the accommodations. There’s reception and free wi-fi in the main lodge if you need them.

Bring repellent and a sweater in case the temperature dips.

The reserve is geared towards couples and friends.