Wagner Group recruits large number of prisoners with HIV and hepatitis, marking them with wristbands


The Russian private military company Wagner has started to recruit large numbers of prisoners who are suffering from serious infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C for the war in Ukraine. The phenomenon has already become widespread.

Source: press service of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence

Details: The fact that more than a hundred prisoners with confirmed HIV or hepatitis C have been recruited at Penal Colony No. 5 in Metalostroy (Leningrad Oblast, Russia) alone shows that this phenomenon is widespread.

The Wagner Group command "marks" the infected soldiers by forcing prisoners to wear red wristbands if they are HIV-positive and white ones if they have hepatitis.

According to the intelligence, the fighters are becoming angry about this situation. Russian medics are known to routinely refuse to treat injured [soldiers] with hepatitis or HIV.

Several fighters with HIV or hepatitis are already in Ukrainian captivity and have confirmed the information about the mass recruitment of infected prisoners by Wagner.

Previously: In early September, a video was posted online showing the oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is close to Vladimir Putin and founded the so-called Wagner Private Military Company, personally encouraging Russian prisoners to go to fight in Ukraine.

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